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JMU offers plenty of dining options for vegans and vegetarians across campus.

Figuring out what to eat while having a dietary restriction can make finding foods on campus tricky. As vegetarians or vegans, some students may feel they have no options. Luckily, JMU Dining Services has a wide range of choices at each of its food locations to satisfy everyone’s appetite. 

Main Campus 

Bistro 1908

When one first walks in, they’re met with two different sides with multiple places to eat. Each station has different types of food, indicating it’s customizable to be vegan-friendly. 

Get Your Green On: This station is a perfect place for students on the go. It’s a popular location for create-your-own salads, which include a wide range of toppings like black beans, chickpeas, tons of veggies, guacamole and vegan bacon bits. Students can even add quinoa to their salad. Vegan chicken, tofu and a vegan salad dressing are also available.

Grillhouse: Although this is a burger station, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. One popular meal for non-meat eaters is the Farmers’ Market Veggie Burger. If ordered as is, it’s vegetarian. To make it vegan, ask for the vegan ‘No-Bull’ burger and remove the pesto. Students can also order the Beyond Burger and add vegan bacon, cheese and sauce.

Italian: JMU has vegan pizza. Regular cheese can be substituted for vegan cheese on any pizza at no additional cost. All the pizza dough is vegan, including the gluten-free crusts. Additionally, it has vegan gnocchi, which can be paired with vegan alfredo or vodka sauce.

Market 64 (D-Hall)

This location is perfect for a grab-and-go meal. Each station has an option for vegans and vegetarians and is perfect during lunchtime when there’s no time to go upstairs for the all-you-can-eat dining hall. 

JMQ: Vegans can order the jackfruit sandwich with barbeque sauce on a whole wheat roll, while vegetarians can opt for a potato roll. The sandwich can be paired with two sides of their choice, which are labeled vegetarian or vegan.

Maddy J’s: Although most sandwiches have meat on them, there are two sandwiches that can be made vegetarian and vegan-friendly. My favorite to customize is the Turkey Avocado sandwich. To make it vegan, substitute the wheatberry bread for the wheat sub roll or the sprouted grain bread and substitute vegan chicken and mayo. 

Hot Bar/Salad Station: Each station has items that are labeled as vegan or vegetarian. For the salad station, there’s tofu and vegan chicken. The salads can be topped with vegan ranch dressing or balsamic vinaigrette. 


D-Hall may seem overwhelming due to its size, but it has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. When students first walk in, there’s a paper that says what the vegan options are at each station. From stir-fry to vegan chicken caesar salad, D-Hall ensures plenty of variety. At the pizza station, students can create their own pizza with vegan cheese. Students can also ask the workers to double check what’s vegan and what isn’t. To satisfy sweet tooths, there’s always a vegan dessert. Some nights they have vegan brownies, while other nights, there are vegan peanut butter cookies. Additionally, during breakfast and brunch, tofu scramble or vegan pancakes are available.

JM’s Food Court in D-Hub

Although Dukes and Top Dog are gone, there are still some old favorites in D-Hub. With a mini food court, students can buy food and pair it with a coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Deli: Students can create their own sandwich at this location, too. All the bread offered except the Udi’s Gluten Free Bread is vegan, even the Mission Jalapeno Cheddar Wrap. Students can add vegan chicken and mayo to their sandwich. 

Mongolian: A favorite for vegans and vegetarians are the vegetable dumplings paired with dumpling sauce and rice that can be fried or steamed. If you’re not feeling dumplings, there’s also create-your-own pad thai. 

East Campus 


For students who are on East Campus, Festival offers a ton of options perfect for on-the-go students. 

Cheese Please: This station has create-your-own grilled cheese. Students can make their base from Italian, sourdough or sprouted grain bread, ask for vegan cheese and add toppings of their choice. 

Deli: Vegan chicken and mayo can be added to any sandwich or wrap. Students can also choose red pepper or regular hummus for protein if they don’t want vegan chicken. Students can choose from multiple toppings for their sandwich. 

Acai: Make your acai bowl and choose any topping. For vegetarians, you can add granola, honey and chocolate chips.

Festival also has a make-your-own salad bar. They have balsamic vinaigrette and vegan ranch on request. Additionally, the Beyond Burger is also served at the Burger Studio.


E-Hall labels each item at each station, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. There’s also a vegan station in the back of the dining hall that has a rotating selection. They have vegan tacos, Caribbean-style coconut rice and more, like vegan crab cakes and black bean burgers. There’s also vegan ice cream, which can be paired with the vegan dessert offered that day, like a cranberry oatmeal cookie or vegan peach-banana cake. Lastly, top it with Oreo crumbles. 


Food Truck Station (by Bridgeforth) 

At Fueled, students can create their own quinoa bowl and add tofu with lots of veggies. They can top it off with dressings that are also labeled. At Nacho Papi’s, they have vegan tacos topped with avocado dressing.  

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