Enjoy the cool weather and take a walk or job in the arboretum near East Campus to get some steps in.

The start of school came and went with the disappointment that in-person classes would be put on hold for four weeks. For most, walking to classes was the only time some students would go outside and get their exercise for the day, and while there may be no in-person lectures to walk to for now, there are still plenty of ways to stay fit on campus. 

Make time for exercise

With online classes keeping everyone busy, it may be hard to find time for other activities — exercising being one of them. Keeping one’s body active is important during a time when sitting in front of a computer screen all day has become the reality for most. Carve a time out of one’s busy day to get a quick workout in, like a walk or jog around campus, a bike ride or a hike through the arboretum. Regular exercise will help one feel energized, refreshed and able to perform well in online classes. 

Stay away from junk food

Living in a dorm or apartment, one is susceptible to indulging in the snack foods they keep in their room in between classes. This’ll eventually lead to bad habits in the form of eating junk food whenever one gets hungry while doing schoolwork. While one is still living on campus, take advantage of the meal plan and get some healthy options for food at any of JMU’s dining halls, like Freshens, Blue Ridge Bowls, Bistro and more. 

Join an online workout class

Throughout the early stages of quarantine and into the summer, many fitness YouTubers began posting videos to help others work out from home and keep their morales high. These YouTubers publish videos that include workouts that require no equipment, and workouts that have no jumping—so not to disturb any downstairs neighbors one may have. While participating in online classes, try to make some time to watch a fitness video online that could be targeted to any body part one wishes to exercise: core, arms, legs, full body and more. 

Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most beneficial ways to repair one’s body and get a jumpstart for the next day. Being a college student, sleep is often neglected because of homework or social lives, but it’s one of the most necessary components of one’s well-being. To get a good night of sleep, try to refrain from using electronics before going to bed. The next morning, one should wake up rejuvenated and motivated for a full day of classes.

Set a goal and stick to it

One of the best ways to be adamant about working out is creating a goal and relying on it. Most of the time, people may think they don’t have time to workout. However, getting outside and taking a quick walk or bike ride can relieve stress and help one perform better in classes. Set a time for a little workout everyday and get a quick sweat in and it’ll make one feel better overall. To stick to one’s goals, try to make a calendar with specific workouts that will help with staying organized.

Exercise in the morning

Working out in the morning gives one the opportunity to wake up and be motivated for the day. Getting up and getting in a quick workout right when one wakes up is a great way to increase their alertness for the rest of the day and raise energy levels. Not to mention, one might beat the heat of the day by choosing to get outside and exercise in the morning. 

To stay fit, the ideal amount of time to workout per day is around 30 minutes. In between online classes, this should be easy to maintain while keeping up with one’s class schedule and any extra homework. Working out will ultimately put one in a better mood and improve overall health. 

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