The JMU Shadow Cast features actors and actresses as the main role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, originally played by Tim Curry in 1975.

The fall season is only getting started, and the Harrisonburg community is ready to celebrate. From spooky festivities to feasting on pumpkin flavored anything, these 5 events are as satisfactory as lounging in an oversized sweater.

1. Fall Coffee Fest 2019

Brother’s Craft Brewing will host an event called Fall Coffee Fest from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Oct. 19. There’ll be coffee from Virginian vendors, two of which are based in Harrisonburg: Merge Coffee Company and Broad Porch Coffee Co. Breakfast and lunch food options will be served, as well as fall-inspired beers and coffee and live music. There’ll also be other fall vendors and activities, such as pumpkin painting, guessing contests, such as guessing how many coffee beans are in a jar, and a candy apple building station.  

2. Haunted Harrisonburg Ghost Tour

The Haunted Harrisonburg Ghost Tour celebrates its 13th anniversary this year. On Oct. 19, 26 and 31, Harrisonburg will offer two haunted tours each night to ease people into the Halloween spirit. Some of the popular spots on the hour-long walk include the Harrisonburg Police Station, the Municipal Building and the Virginia Quilt Museum. Tickets are $12 each and feature stories dating back to the Civil War and World War I era. 

3. 5th Annual Zombie Run for Brains

Taking place at Fear Forest Oct. 19, the Zombie Run for Brains is a two-mile course that raises money for Brain Injury Recovery. Runners — or walkers, running isn’t a requirement — who want to interact with zombies throughout the course will be given a flag football belt to indicate they’re interested in being approached. If they make it out of the course with one flag left on their belt, they “survived.” If one is interested in participating in the race without the zombies, they won’t be given a flag football belt and the zombies won’t approach them. 

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

On Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 and 2, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will have a live viewing of the film, and the JMU Shadowcast club will be performing along with it. A shadowcast performance is when a group of actors perform a film at the same time it’s being broadcast — the cast acts as “shadows” of the movie characters. Audience members are encouraged to dress up and engage with the performers so everyone can be part of the picture show. 

5. Apple Harvest Celebration

Every Saturday until the first weekend of November, Showalter’s Orchard is open to all for apple picking, food trucks and other apple-based foods and drinks. On Oct. 19, it’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its annual Apple Harvest Celebration. Along with its usual events, there’ll be live music and entertainment, craft and food vendors and hayrides.

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