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In this past epsidoe, Xavier saved Margaret, not knowing she was a murderer.

The viewers of “American Horror Story” may have been taken by surprise when “Roanoke” ended halfway through on the night of “Blood Moon.” The show’s second half was based on the re-enactment of the real victims and the cast. Two seasons later, the show’s creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, play the same trick on the audience and wrap up the story of Camp Redwood as dawn breaks over the light-forsaken and bloodied camp after five episodes.

Watchers get a flashback of Rita (Dee-Dee), giving a glimpse into why she brought Mr. Jingles to the camp. It turns out that her obsession with her father brutally killing women behind closed doors, along with the experience of seeing him stab himself to death right in front of her after she confronts him, that sent her over the edge. The curiosity about her father as a serial killer led her to help Mr. Jingles escape and allow him to prey in his natural habitat.

The hitchhiker hadn’t been the only one stuck at Camp Redwood after being murdered there. Ray also finds his way back to the camp without realizing he’s dead and becomes Brooke’s first partner. The lovemaking between a human and a ghost hasn’t been the show’s first; Tate Langdon had also had a lovemaking scene with Vivien at the murder house in “American Horror Story” Season 1.

The sexual act in that season led to the birth of the Anti-Christ, but it’ll be interesting to find out what this interaction will bring in “1984.” Viewers may also wonder what the episodes of the show are going to be about if the murderous part of Camp Redwood’s story has come to an end. 

Margaret made a plan to get each of the counselors alone and started by killing Chet in the middle of the lake. Mr. Jingles ambushes Margaret in the middle of the woods and tries to choke her to death just when Xavier saves her and shoots the arrows at Mr. Jingles until he's dead. Not knowing he just saved a murderer, she turns around and kills Xavier.  Her character has been the most twisted from the beginning by pretending to be a good Christian woman while killing people ruthlessly.

After the Night Stalker — who apparently possesses the power of Satan — finds Mr. Jingles dead. Through the Night Stalker’s powers, he asks Mr. Jingles if he wants to live. Mr. Jingles then pledges his soul to the Devil so he may rise from dead.  Montana finally attempts to attack Brooke and chases her through the night with an axe. As the two fight to the death, a bus full of children arrives at the camp and witness Brooke stabbing Montana endlessly. The cops arrive and Brooke is arrested even though she was only trying to defend herself. Margaret stabs herself in the leg and plays the damsel in distress once again while framing Brooke for all the murders and chaos at the camp.

The Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles steal a cop car and make their journey toward Los Angeles. It’s a mystery whether on not Brooke was in the car too. The big plot twist at the end of this episode is when Ray walks up to an ambulance on the scene. Confused as to why his blood pressure is non-existent, the paramedics trap him in the back of the ambulance and rush to the hospital. Instead, Ray appears on the ground at the entrance of the camp as if his ghost is stuck there and can't leave.

This isn't the first time AHS fans have seen this happen, since it was the same case with ghosts of the murder house in Season 1. At this point, the audience can make more than one connection to the first season, so viewers may be curious to understand later on what's bringing the writers back to the original theme of "American Horror Story."

It’ll be interesting to watch what else will happen in “AHS: 1984,” with the two murderers having embarked on a journey to L.A.

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