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Students should get creative with their game day fashion by utilizing these online shops and DIY tips.

When it comes to college game day, deciding what to wear to the game is an important choice, but finding an affordable and attractive option can be a chore. As difficult as it may be to find spirit clothes at a price that won’t break the bank, here are four  websites that cater to college students looking for affordable clothes, as well as four DIY options to spice up your outfit. 

Designs By Freya 

Created by Freya Garcia, Designs By Freya offers customizable and made-to-order clothes for any school. Freya carries T-shirts, crop tops, tank tops and tube tops with an array of design options, as well as crewnecks, sweat pants, sweat sets and tie-up tops. She takes orders through her Instagram page and offers 10% off for any four-item bundle and 10% off with free shipping for any six-item bundle. Her designs include school logos and pre-made designs where you tell her the school or slogan you want on the shirt.  

Totality Designs

Totality Designs was created by University of Delaware student Annabelle Brame, who started the business to raise awareness about sustainable fashion. On her website, Brame says she wants to educate people on sustainable fashion while creating cute clothes. Totality Designs offers customizable hats, shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and sorority big-little reveal shirts. 


Etsy offers a whole section dedicated to college clothing. Along with the regular T-shirts, Etsy offers other merchandise like jewelry, sunglasses and pins. Most of the section’s options are customizable and come in different colors and styles. 

Hype and Vice 

Created by and for women, Hype and Vice designs cute garments. The shop says it believes in putting women first, and every time a purchase is made, a percentage goes to that person’s school. Hype and Vice offers clothes for over 75 schools, all with a large variety of styles and designs.  

Bleach a shirt

Bleaching a shirt is a quick and easy way to spruce up a simple T-shirt. The technique works best on darker shirts but can be done on any color. Mix a 1-to-1 ratio of bleach and water and use a spray or squirt bottle to put the bleach on the shirt. Bleaching can be in a random pattern, or you can use a stencil. After bleaching the shirt, rinse it in cold water. Then, wash it either by hand or by itself in a washing machine. This can be JMU themed by bleaching a JMU shirt you may have. 


Similar to bleaching a shirt, tie-dyeing is another way to create a fashionable design. Stores like Walmart and Michaels usually have tie-dyeing kits that come with all the supplies needed. Tie-dyeing works best on plain white or light shirts, and the shirt needs to be wet before applying the dye. The kits usually come with several dyes that turn into different colors once water is added. When it comes to actually tie-dyeing, there’s no one way to do it. Dyeing anywhere on the shirt is the easiest way to do it, but designs can be achieved by rubber banding the shirt into different sections. To make your shirt JMU themed, try using purple and gold to dye it. Like bleaching, the shirt needs to be rinsed and washed once finished. 

Make a JMU shirt

To get the perfect design, it’s often easier to create it yourself. Iron-ons are an easy and affordable way to do so. Iron-ons can typically be found at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or can be ordered online. Most patches are simple to apply to a shirt, but certain ones may require transfer paper or other materials. After picking the desired design and applying it to the shirt, the look should be complete. To make your design JMU-centric, try finding JMU iron-ons — such as a duke dog or JMU logo patch. 

Create a zip-up top

Zip-up tops can be created using one shirt or by combining two shirts. For either technique, craft glue and a zipper are needed. After deciding which shirt to use, cut it down the middle. Then, using the craft glue, attach the zipper in the middle to bring the two sides together. If using two different shirts, cut a line up the middle of the front and back of the shirts. Lay half of the first shirt next to half of the second shirt and glue the zipper in the middle to bring them together. If you want to go the two-shirt route, use one gold and one purple shirt to make the look JMU themed. But if you plan on only using one shirt, you can use any JMU shirt you have. 

Looking for something to wear to a football game or tailgate can be hard since many options are expensive, but students should try ordering from these shops or making their own festive outfits for the next JMU football game. 

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