“Planet Coaster,” an amusement park simulator video game, does a great job creating nostalgic moments with its new console edition. However, it’s a management simulator, and there’s much more to running a park than creating and riding roller coasters.

Comedian Kevin Hart brings his love of stand-up to his living room with his newest Netflix special, “Zero F**ks Given.”  Instead of an arena of thousands of fans, it’s a handful of people wearing masks and sitting on socially distanced couches. 

October's over, but you're still looking for a spooky time. We got what you're looking for — here are the most terrifying horror games on the decade.

This week on “The Bachelorette,” group dates kick off and Clare continues to ignore almost everyone except Dale. It’s obvious producers had to get creative filming all the dates on the resort property, but every date this week falls flat in terms of entertainment value.

While scary movies are the norm during October, horror television series can be just as successful at setting the Halloween mood. Here are seven shows to stream now or any time one is looking for a scare.

“Star Wars: Squadrons” is truly fantastic with its impressive flight mechanics. Despite this, it’s buggy, frustrating and begs the question of why EA Motive didn’t wait another year to release this game. 

For over 25 years, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has been creating dialogue with music in mind. Now, with “The Trial of the Chicago 7” coming to Netflix on Oct. 17, audiences can look back on some of his best works.

Going to the movie theater with a group of friends, on a family outing or even for a first date used to be an entertaining way to spend time with others. With the outbreak of COVID-19 came the disappointment that all movie theaters would be temporarily closed. 

Fall in Harrisonburg is beautiful experience, and there are many opportunities to socially distance oneself with outdoor activities. From pumpkin picking to hiking, are five autumn activities students and anyone in the 'Burg can enjoy.