Here's the biggest news on the next generation of consoles. Microsoft is aiming for accessibility and multi-platform support, while Sony is focusing on what made the PS4 so successful: exclusive titles and content for its fanbase.

Blackbear rises in pop-charts with his new album “Everything means nothing." This new music explores the extremes of heartbreak and the nuances of human emotions, while simultaneously offering a harsh critique of modern culture. 


It's been a decade since these iconic American movies were released. While only 10 years ago, the films of 2010 feel both bizarrely prescient and like remnants of a distant past.

Maryland rapper Logic has experienced a distinct career in hip-hop filled with notable highs and devastating lows. Over the past few years, the artist’s musical output’s some of the most shameful and embarrassing moments of his career, such as 2019’s “Supermarket” and “Confessions of a Dange…

Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee has released a number of iconic films. His newest one comes out this month, so let's review some of the best of the best.