Halloween season

What's your favorite part of Halloween? The Culture writers share theirs. 

With Halloween just days away, writers for The Breeze's culture section shares its favorite traditions from the holiday. 

Brittany Bell

"Nothing beats the fun of scouring the fields to find the perfect pumpkin."

Traci Rasdorf

 "My favorite Halloween movies will always be the 'Halloweentown' series on Disney Channel."

McKenna Walsh

"There are an endless amount of Halloween movies to choose from while I’m snuggling up next to a warm fire with my favorite people. My favorite would have to be Hocus Pocus."

Abby Church

"My favorite thing about Halloween would have to be the candy. While mini Snickers, Twix and Milky Ways hold a special place in my heart, nothing comes close to a good old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup."

Camryn Finn

"In the past, I’ve always loved doing costumes with a group of friends. This year, my roommates and I decided to go as Alvin, Theodore and Simon from 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'."

Brooke Imperial

"For some people, Halloween may not be included in their favorite holidays while Santa sits atop his North Pole throne, but Halloween will always have a special place in my pun-and-pumpkin-loving heart."

Kailey Cheng

"I can’t have Halloween without visiting the Clifton Haunted Trail, a tradition held near and dear to my heart, where I’m deeply terrified every single time actors dressed as zombies pop out at me."

Emily Montoya

"Although there are many great things about the holiday, my No. 1 favorite feature of the holiday is seeing all the carved pumpkins and decorated houses."

Maria Keuler

"I’m a big fan of do it yourself — especially when it comes to Halloween. My favorite costumes are those with the creepiest, most creative makeup." 

Alyvia Kluska

"Mastering a themed costume not only gives me an opportunity to let my creative juices flow, but it also allows me to create memories with all of my closest friends." 

Aaliyah McLean

"While decorating, I love to watch Halloween movies on Freeform like 'Halloweentown' or 'Beetlejuice' to get into the spirit of the holiday." 

Celina Wickham

"This year I decided to shake things up. Getter, an American electronic music producer, is performing Oct. 31 at Echostage. It's anticipated to be highly energized and is well worth the trip. Not only is this event going to be quite popular, but it also encourages attendees to wear any costume of their choice."

 Ingrid Basheda

"Halloween is the start of the holiday season, meaning lots of yummy treats. Anything pumpkin flavored and scented is my favorite thing: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bagels  — with pumpkin cream cheese — and pumpkin candles. You just can’t go wrong with that delicious flavor."

Caleb Barachem

"The best part of Halloween though is the day after, as stores desperately try to get rid of their candy and anyone can swoop in and stock up a year’s worth of candy. I just hope I don’t hear Christmas music in the store."

Molly Hildebrand

"Now that I’ve experienced Halloweekend, I can honestly say it’s one of the craziest things ever. Out of all the colleges in Virginia, everyone comes to JMU to dress up and party." 

Jonah Howells

"After making several decisions that will lead to probable diabetes and definite tooth decay, I spend the majority of my time watching my favorite horror movies. I feel that 'The Shining' is one of the crowning achievements of the horror genre hands down." 

Maddelynne Parker

"This year, you’ll find me dressed up as one of my all-time favorites — Batman. Instead of being your everyday Dark Knight, I’ll be Batman in a skirt. Girls can be Batman, too, so don’t call me Batgirl or Batwoman. I am Batman."

Shanna Kelly

"My family and I have always gone all-out when decorating our house for Halloween. Every part of our house and lawn is covered in decorations, making it a common attraction in the month of October." 

Jazmine Otey

Jazmine Otey explains what it's like to work for The Breeze. 

"This year, I plan to dress as Jasmine from Aladdin because my mom named me after that movie, but changed the 'S' to a 'Z' to be creative." 

Leeyah Jackson

"Although I don’t get to trick or treat anymore, I do feel nostalgic partaking in spooky activities here in Harrisonburg. Going to pumpkin patches and decorating my apartment is just as fun now as it was when I was a kid."  

Abigail Wallen

"While I’m too scared to watch horror movies, I’m planning on visiting the Fear Forest here in Harrisonburg so I can experience at least a little Halloween fright. I love Halloween, and I can’t wait to experience my first one here at JMU."

Ali Gips

"Halloween has always been in my top three favorite holidays for one main reason: the movies. Don’t be fooled; I’m not a proponent of scary movies whatsoever. Some I can handle, but I draw the line at the 'Goosebumps' series."

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