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One can decorate their Zoom background or cook a Thanksgiving dish for a virtual friendsgiving celebration.

November is known for its holiday of food, friends and thankfulness. Some students may take the opportunity to get together for a friendsgiving feast with roommates. Unfortunately, students will have to stay distant from one another this year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate virtually. Here are some tips to have a memorable and safe friendsgiving.

Make some fun invitations

One can easily send a message to some friends and begin arranging one’s friendsgiving feast in a group chat. They could also create fun invitations to send in the mail as a way to boost morale. Another way to spread the word is by downloading apps like Invitation Maker or Invitations Card Maker to design the invitation, save it or take a snapshot and send it to a group of people. 

Pick a recipe everyone can make

Friendsgiving is supposed to be a potluck where everyone brings a different dish. Since one can’t share dishes through their camera, a group of friends can pick a fun and easy recipe for everyone to cook. After one’s group has chosen a dish, everyone can cook it at their houses or apartments and then tell each other how the process was, if they enjoy the dish and if they used a special technique like adding a certain spice. This is a great way to begin a conversation and share cooking tips with friends.

Decorate one’s background

To stay in the Thanksgiving spirit, everyone can put Thanksgiving-themed decor in their background to make it look more festive. Online stores like Amazon will offer fun decorations including fall-themed garlands, signs to hang up or friendsgiving decor. If one feels comfortable going out, stores like Target and Walmart usually have a variety of products, and one might even find things in the dollar section as well. In case one doesn’t want to spend money, websites like Pinterest would be a good source for “do-it-yourself” Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

Play a virtual game

Thanks to today’s technology, we’re able to look online for a selection of online multiplayer games for friends to enjoy together. A group can play virtual “Cards Against Humanity,” see who knows the most facts with “QuizUp” or have everyone download the “Among Us” app to their phone and play one or two rounds. While friendsgiving is supposed to be a calm meal, that doesn’t mean there can’t be any healthy competition. 

 Learn more about each other with conversation games

While a virtual multiplayer game is a choice, those who prefer talking could play a conversation game. The host can find a list or come up with out-of-the-box questions like “if you can have any exotic animal as a pet, what would you choose?” then go around the screen and answer. One can also play classic games such as Never Have I Ever, Two Truths and a Lie or Would You Rather. These are great ways to begin a full group conversation that one wouldn’t usually have every day.

Get creative with a craft

Typically, grade school teachers will set up a fun craft for students to do as a way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Just because one’s in college doesn’t mean they have to get rid of that tradition. If one looks online at websites like DIY Projects or Happiness is Homemade, they’ll find great ideas for autumn-themed crafts.

November is the month where people think of what they’re thankful for, and true friends are commonly at the top of everyone’s list. While gathering in person isn’t an option, one can still get together virtually and celebrate with friends.

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