Baking is always fun during the holiday season, and it’s COVID-19 safe. 

Many students look forward to winter break every year. The holidays bring festive activities and time with family and friends, but with COVID-19, the holiday season looks  a little different. Here are some COVID-friendly ways one can stay busy during winter break this year. 

Zoom for New Years

Although big holiday gatherings may not be happening this year, one can still get together with a small group of friends for a "Friendsmas" or new years celebration. Exchanging gifts with friends or cooking a meal together can be done socially distanced in person or virtually. For a meal, everyone could cook separately over Zoom or FaceTime and come together for one big dinner.


Baking is always fun during the holiday season, and it’s COVID-19 safe. Cookies, gingerbread houses and pie are always classics for Christmas and the new year, and can be done by oneself or with a small group of family members or friends. 

Have a movie night

Movies are a great way to spend time during winter break. One could have a cozy night alone and watch holiday movies or could host a movie night with friends or family that could be in person or virtually. An easy way to watch TV remotely is through the teleparty extension (formerly Netflix Party) which allows one to watch TV with friends. 

Get crafty

Crafts are an easy way to spend time and unwind during the holidays. Some easy crafts to make are ornaments, wreaths and Christmas-themed treat jars. Crafting can be done while social distancing and can be used to make personalized presents for loved ones. 

Decorate for the holidays

Decorating one’s house or apartment for Christmas and other holidays is a great way to prepare for the holidays and can be done while maintaining social distancing. To make decorating even more COVID-19 safe, friends can decorate their separate homes together while talking over Zoom or FaceTime.

Check out Christmas lights

One of the best parts about the Christmas season is seeing the decorations. This year, one can drive around and look at the lights and still be safe. Since one doesn’t need to leave their car to see others’ Christmas decorations, this activity is a perfect way to spend winter break while social distancing. 

Winter break may look different this year for many people, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t safe ways to spend one’s time. There are still many means in which one can stay busy and enjoy quality time with loved ones while staying safe.

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