This week's episode of "The Masked Singer" is the special Super 8, where Groups A & B combine and compete against each other.

After being separated for the first six weeks, Groups A and B come face to face for “The Masked Singer” — this time, for a “Super 8” two-hour episode.

Before the competition begins, the studio audience welcomes Rita Wilson as this week’s guest judge. The judges are excited to be working with Wilson, who’s a first-time guest.

The first performer on stage is the Piglet. For this week’s clue package, the Piglet set the package as if he’s on a small pirate ship during a brutal storm. He talks about the time he gave up on his dream until his pastor told an uplifting story. The little clues were a foam finger with the two fingers pointing up, a pine tree car air freshener and a UFO.

The Piglet kicks this episode off rock ‘n’ roll style with “The Pretenders” by Foo Fighters. The lights show was outrageous, and the judges were impressed by this new side of him. Wilson even compliments him: “You move like a rockstar.”  

For this week, the bonus clue is each contestant’s favorite food. Each one is delivered in a four-wheel robotic carrier similar to the Starships on JMU’s campus. The Piglet’s order was cotton candy because it reminds him of one of his very first jobs. McCarthy guesses Lance Bass, Ken Jeong believes Adam Levine and Wilson guesses one of the Manning brothers. These were all interesting guesses, but the Piglet’s vocals sound almost parallel to Nick Lachey.

Before the next contestant, the judges finally meet Cluedle-Doo, the Rooster who’s been dropping extra clues for TV viewers. The judges are confused, and Jeong gets scared when he finds out the Rooster knows his phone password.

After that game changer for the judges, Robopine appears. His clues consist of baby toys and a statue, and he talks about his first public performance at a block party when he was younger. For his song, he performs “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. The strength and richness of his vocals are heard perfectly with this song. 

Robopine orders a lobster because it reminds him of when he goes freshwater sea diving in Costa Rica. The judges then state their guesses: Robin Thicke guesses Terry Cruz, Jeong guesses Aaron Haul and Nicole Scherzinger thinks it’s Jamie Foxx. While the Robopine’s vocals sound like Foxx, he’s built different height wise.

Up next is Chameleon. Chameleon talks about his childhood idol, the Goat. He shows a briefcase with the number “2” on it and a framed picture of two gazelles butting heads. For his performance, he sings “Regulate” by Warren G featuring Nate Dogg.

He blows away the judges with his rapping skills, as per usual. For his order, he has ready-to-eat fried bird and cricket cake. He says he eats this with his gang because they support all the troops. 

McCarthy guesses Machine Gun Kelly, Jeong guesses Kyrie Irving and Scherzinger guesses Waka Flaka Flame. The rooster then appears to say how he loves seeing the Chameleon’s work on the big screen and was rooting for him at the Golden Globes. The judges are now thrown off –– the voice still sounds like Wiz Khalifa. 

After that chaos happens, the Yeti comes up. For his clue package, he talks about a scandal that occurred during his career, but he came back around when he got a second chance. He showed the letters A through D, pulling a dog out of a hat and line dancing. 

The Yeti pulls on everyone’s heartstrings with a cover of “Lonely” by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco. The panel and studio audience are in shock at the beauty and emotions within the performance. It even brings Scherzinger to tears. 

For his order, Yeti chooses donuts. The judges take the clue as a way to say his name ends with “O.” Scherzinger guesses Sisqo or Justin Timberlake, Jeong thinks it’s Justin Timberlake and Thicke guesses Omarion or Mario.

Next is the Russian Dolls. They talk about when they fell apart even though they were loved by so many people. They have clues like Indiana, Russian Dolls Tea Room, saying “the king herself” and three tea cups that say “eat, pray, ?” on them. 

For their performance, the Russian Dolls get everyone pumped with “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars, turning the studio into a dance party within less than a minute. The group also gives the judges a curveball with a fourth doll.

For their food, the robot delivers a big glass bowl of red jelly beans. Jeong guesses The Jonas Brothers, Scherzinger guesses HANSON for the first time and Wilson guesses Boyz II Men. While The Jonas Brothers are still a good assumption –– plus they have another brother to make as Russian Doll four –– HANSON is also a good guess.

Next is Crab. For clues, he focuses on his first talent show. There were two Brooklyn clues, a jack, two stuffed cats and the moon. For his performance, the Crab sings “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, a song that matches the vocals perfectly. 

For his order, the Crab picks marshmallows to represent how he loves making s’mores by the fire. For guesses, Thicke goes with Ray Parker, Jr., McCarthy goes down a new route with Flavor Flave and Scherzinger guesses Keith Sweat. The voice still has a Lenny Kravitz sound to it.

The seventh singer to perform is the Seashell. Her clue package involves a roasted chicken, a Christmas tree and a TNT box with the lever and a box of Girl Scout cookies. For her performance, the Seashell sings “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany. She exhibits her choreography skills and brings her A-game with the vocals.

For her special order, Cludle-Doo hijacks the robot’s controls, and the judges don’t get to see her order, Cludle-Doo says, “Sorry Ken and Jenny.” However, Cludle-Doo reveals it for viewers at home –– it’s grapes. The judges then just start guessing. Ken starts off with his classic catchphrase, “I know exactly who this is,” and guesses Sarah Silverman. Scherzinger guesses Tamera Mowry and Wilson goes with a different angle, thinking it's Scout Willis. With the different clues, Mowry sounds like a reasonable guess. 

The final contestant is Black Swan. For her clues, she talks about living in a small apartment with her mother. They show a glass slipper, garden gnomes and a fish fin headband. For her song, she did a completely different rendition of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The crowd is mesmerized by the rawness and beauty in her vocals. 

For her order, the Black Swan chooses fish crackers –– also known as Goldfish. Rita thinks it’s Ke$ha, Jeong guesses Demi Lovato and Scherzinger guesses Jojo. After listening to the vocals, JoJo sounds like a possible contender.

When the Black Swan finishes, the audience votes and eliminates the Crab and Seashell. For the Crab, McCarthy and Jeong guess Bobby Brown, Thicke sticks with Ray Parker, Jr., Sherzinger thinks it’s Keith Sweat and Wilson guesses Martin Lawrence. The Crab takes off his mask to reveal Brown.

For the Seashell, Jeong chooses Kristen Chenoweth, Scherzinger guesses Hilary Duff, Scherzinger goes with Mowry, McCarthy guesses Vanessa Hugens, Thicke guesses Haylie Duff and Wilson sticks with Willis. The Seashell is unmasked and Mowry appears.

Now that the “Super 8” is done, the viewers have to wait two weeks for the “Spicy Six.”

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