Piglet, who was revealed to be Nick Lachey, won the Golden Mask trophy in Wednesday night's "The Masked Singer" finale.

After weeks of competing, the top three singers take the stage one last time for a chance at winning the Golden Mask.

Before the show officially begins, the three contestants left — Black Swan, Chameleon and Piglet — do a group performance with last year’s winner, LeAnn Rimes, who was the Sun. They do a beautiful cover of Rimes’ song, “How Do I Live.”

After they received a standing ovation, Rimes goes to sit with the judges, and Black Swan and Piglet head backstage while Chameleon gets ready for his final performance. The clue package shows each of the Chameleon’s performances over the past several weeks. He mentions his “little Chameleon” and talks about how he’s doing this competition for his kid. He also says he wants to be the first person to win the show just by rapping.

For his last time on “The Masked Singer” stage, Chameleon performs “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio featuring L.V. He nails each aspect of the song, and the audience gets to hear him actually sing –– which hasn’t happened since his rendition of “Ride Wit’ Me” by Nelly during his first performance. It’s definitely the type of song that gets people on their feet. The judges don’t get to say who they think it is until he’s unmasked, but there’s a good chance it’s Wiz Khalifa.

After Chameleon is the Black Swan. In her clue package, she discusses how winning wasn’t on the forefront of her mind in the beginning due to stage fright. She shows a lot of flowers and mentions that her name has been out there since before she had her driver’s license. 

She shows her vocal skills one more time with “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by Michael Bolten. She projects her voice at the perfect moment and adds the right amount of emotions for the song. The crowd is completely silent until their big cheer afterward. Nicole Scherzinger even says to her, “You took us to church for the finale.” Like the Chameleon, the judges can’t guess until the performers are about to be revealed. However, the Black Swan’s voice is identical to JoJo’s.

Piglet closes out the song portion of the show. In his clue package, he mentions how he’s been in the public eye before social media became popular. Because of the amount of publicity, he became a more private person. For him, being the Piglet was a sense of freedom to be himself on stage.

To wrap up the performances, Piglet sings “Faithfully” by Journey. It’s a humbling performance, the vocals are strong and it has each detail needed for a finale song. The audience and judges are on their feet, and Ken Jeong even gets emotional, which is rare. Although no one automatically guesses, the Piglet’s vocals sound like Nick Lachey’s voice.

After Piglet’s critiques, the two other contestants return to stage for elimination. The audience and judges vote, and the results are counted.

Nick Cannon announces that Chameleon receives third place, which shocks the judges. Before seeing who it is, the panel has to lock in their final guesses. Jenny McCarthy guesses Gucci Mane for the first time, Robin Thicke guesses Khalifa which Scherzinger agrees with and Jeong and Rimes guesses 2 Chainz. Once the Chameleon is unmasked, the crowd ––– especially Thicke and Scherzinger –– get excited as Khalifa appears. When he’s asked why he decided to do the show, Khalifa says it’s for his son to see the importance of being creative and having fun.

The Black Swan and Piglet return to stage to see who gets the Golden Mask. When they get on stage, Cannon announces that Piglet is the winner of this season’s competition. As the crowd gives the new winner a round of applause, he goes to the winner’s corner and they get ready to see who the Black Swan is.

For their final guesses, Thicke goes with Normani, McCarthy guesses Monica, Jeong goes with Demi Lovato and Scherzinger goes with JoJo, which Rimes follows up on. When the guesses are confirmed, JoJo is revealed as the Black Swan. When asked about what made her want to do the show, she tells the audience that it’s to face her fear of a live performance because it’s been so long since she’s last performed live.

Now that Chameleon (Khalifa) and Black Swan (JoJo) have been unmasked, the Piglet is the final singer to be revealed. For their guesses on Piglet, Scherzinger guesses Brian Littrell and Jeong guesses Jeremy Renner. Thicke, McCarthy and Rimes all guess Lachey. When all the guessing is done, Cannon introduces this season’s winner, Lachey. When asked why he chose to do the show, Lachey explained how he missed performing and being on stage. He said his kids have also been begging him to do “The Masked Singer” since season one.

Now that everyone has been revealed and Lachey was crowned champion, that puts a wrap on “The Masked Singer” season five.

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