The Vokai tribe members react to Jason's blindside.

“Survivor” episode 6 was by far the strongest showing of the season thus far, cementing season 39 as one of the best starts fans have seen.

The beginning of the episode opened on the Lairo tribe, as Noura approached Dean with the idea of flipping on Jack and Jamal. Dean, from original Lairo, was in the minority,and  he was wary of an original Vokai seeming so eager to flip from a majority position.

At the Vokai tribe, Aaron told Jason he was willing to flip from the original Lairo tribe alliance, meaning original Vokai would also have the numbers advantage. As the new Vokai tribe consisted of four members from the original Lairo and four members from the original Vokai, viewers were set up for an interesting vote if Vokai were to lose the challenge.

Prior to the reward challenge, Elaine was chosen to sit out due to the uneven tribe numbers. A typical sit-out would usually watch the challenge from the sideline, but Jeff told Elaine that she’d instead immediately head to the Island of the Idols.

Once she arrived, Rob and Sandra told Elaine that she had the opportunity to earn an advantage that’d allow her to block someone’s vote at Tribal Council. As Elaine was part of the Vokai tribe — assuming that she’d work with the original Lairo members being able to block a vote meant that original Lairo could take a 4-3 advantage over original Vokai.

Elaine was told she had to grab the advantage from underneath a puzzle table at the Immunity Challenge to have the chance to block one of her tribe member’s votes. The caveat, however, was that if Elaine failed, her vote would be blocked at her next Tribal Council.

Elaine told members of her original tribe about her new task, and they told her they’d help her get the advantage without the original Vokai members finding out.

At the challenge, Elaine successfully grabbed the advantage from underneath the table and secured it. However, Vokai lost the challenge and headed to Tribal Council.

At the Lairo tribe, Jack referred to Jamal’s buff as a “durag,” which offended Jamal. The two had a meaningful conversation regarding privilege, and Jack delivered a sincere apology to Jamal, which moved him to tears in his confessional. Jamal also said that he’d “never forget” the apology Jack gave him.

With members of both tribes threatening to flip, viewers had no idea who’d leave at the upcoming Tribal Council.

Elaine showed off her advantage to the original Vokai tribe at the beginning of Tribal Council, understandably panicking them. Lauren began to cry while members of both tribes discussed who to vote out with the vote just moments away.

Elaine announced that she intended to block Jason’s vote, and the four original Lairo members voted for him afterward. As the three remaining original Vokai members all voted for Elaine, original Lairo secured a victory as Jason was the sixth person voted out.

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