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"Please Me" doesn't shy away from X-rated themes with Cardi B dominating the track.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are back with another collaboration. The rapper and singer dropped their song “Please Me” just one day after Valentine’s Day and it’s their second time working together. Last year, they released “Finesse” which was featured on his album “24K Magic.” They performed it live at the Grammy Awards in 2018.

“Please Me” is both Cardi and Mars’ first release of 2019. The song was written by Cardi, Mars and The Stereotypes, an R&B and hip-hop production team composed of members Jonathan Yip, Jeremy Reeves, Ray Charles McCullough II and Ray Romulus. Mars and The Stereotypes were also in charge of producing the song.

2019 is off to a good start for Cardi B as she made history by becoming the first woman to receive a Grammy Award for best rap album of the year, but not everyone was happy for her after the big win.

The song came as a surprise to fans after Cardi deactivated her Instagram account just days before the release. She received backlash following the Grammy Awards from trolls who believed she didn’t deserve to win best rap album. Cardi reactivated her account to announce her new song with Mars and shared a photo of the track’s cover art.

Both Cardi and Mars get sensual in the song’s flirtatious and steamy lyrics. The song’s recurring themes are pleasure and intimacy with Mars asking to be pleased, while Cardi tempts him. He repeats the line, “Please me baby / Turn around and just tease me baby” several times.

Mars’ silky R&B vocals and Cardi’s explicit rapping make the song X-rated. Cardi isn’t afraid to put it all out there and tell a man what she wants to happen once they’re alone. She’s known for saying what’s on her mind and isn’t bothered if people don’t agree with her controversial statements.

Cardi seems to be the one dominating in the song and doesn’t let Mars get away easily. Most of her other songs have the man calling all the shots, but this time, she makes sure to take control, while making Mars beg for it. She repeats the line, “Let me hear you say please” to make it known that she’s in charge during any intimate moment.

The song is not at all what I expected and significantly different than their first song together, “Finesse.” This one has a slower vibe and people have even called it a baby-making song. The song’s main focus on pleasure is overwhelming and doesn’t give listeners enough substance — it solely focuses on sexual encounters.  

Each artist is promoting their new song in opposing ways. Cardi posted a risqué photo of her nude in a bathtub on Valentine’s Day with the hashtag #pleaseme, while Mars is less explicit and only posted the track’s cover art.

It’s still unclear where “Please Me” will end up, but Cardi B has already said she’ll be releasing a new album sometime this year and that’s something to look forward to.

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