Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?

Jennifer and Jessie are sisters and formed Bleached in Los Angelos, California.

Punk rock band Bleached’s third album, “Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?,” continues Jessica and Jennifer Clavin’s trend of focusing on hard-to-address subjects including romance and drug abuse. Punk rock flows into every song, leaving behind a few bangers and its best material to date with plenty of time to enjoy it for the rest of summer.

“Hard to Kill” is arguably the best song of the album as the sisters face their past self-destructive behavior. A tight pop beat accompanies the duo as they describe their past behavior, including risky relationships “place the gun to my heart / I don’t care ‘cause Friday I’m in love” and their willingness to jump into relationships quickly. Partying led them to odd situations like “lying on the floor in a stranger’s house” after drinking and using drugs. With this being the first album recorded while sober, it seems the band doesn’t feel like their damage can lead to anything positive.

The only song that can compete with “Hard to Kill” is “Somebody Dial 911.” It highlights rushed romantic relationships caused by poor decisions. The high-energy song feels similar in tune to “Peach Kelli Pop’s” righteously peppy riffs. 

Drugs influenced the sisters' relationships as they sing, "Got my sympathy saying such sweet things to me / when you’re sleeping in dopamine.” The lyrics, “Somebody dial 911 before I fall in love / I always fall in love,” shows them panicked about making another rash decision and being overcommitted to their partner. As their significant other sobers up, they become crueler, causing either of the Clavin sisters to think, “We better hide the drugs, I think we’ve had enough.” 

“Daydream” focuses on the mind pondering the end goal of an old relationship. The song begins with “Chewing on straws/ staring at walls” as the sisters think deeper into some words said before, feeling realistic within their minds while imagining what could’ve been. They think about how they said they’d be married one day but can hardly stand to think about their old partner in the present. As the song progresses, their feelings eat them up inside while “stuck inside a daydream,” and they consider “what a disgrace / what a mistake” it was since she had to check in on him to make sure he cared about her. As their minds race, the tempo picks up with some metal accompanied by a dreamy-sounding chime. As they conclude that daydreaming will do nothing good for them, they wonder what the point of staying in the past is and attempts to move on instead of being stuck in the past.

Rebounding after a failed relationship can be an awkward subject that “Rebound City” explores from different views. It covers both sides of the relationship, as some say “I’m sorry, it’s a one way boulevard,” while others believe they “never meant to break your heart.” Bleached teaches its listeners lessons with this song, such as not dating your best friend’s ex and staying away from unstable people who might be abusive or refuse to get help for mental health difficulties. The song’s rock ‘n’ roll vibe provides a fast beat that reflects how quickly some people are to latch onto rebounds for comfort.

“Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?” is by far Bleached’s best album with incredible songs and powerful lyrics all the way through. “Hard to Kill” and “Somebody Dial 911” aren’t just the best songs of the album they’re the best of the band’s career. 

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