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These five fall fashion trends can keep anyone snuggly and stylish in the chilly weather.

The return of autumn means Uggs, flannel, chunky scarves and maroon are back. It’s hard for anyone to avoid dressing basic in the fall due to its established aesthetic of orange colors, reds sweaters and boots. This season, however, people shouldn’t let the only spice in their life be a pumpkin spice latte; there are plenty of ways to look trendy without looking like a soccer mom. These five fall fashion trends will keep one snuggly and stylish in the chilly weather.

Multi-colored nail polish

Whether it be varying tones of the same color or completely different colors on each nail, this trend is making its way into society. For the fall, the best looks are neutral or darker shades. One should choose three to five different polishes and paint them on staggering fingers. This makes it look like they put effort in no matter what they’re wearing. Pinterest can be an ideal place to look for more inspiration.

Platform Sneakers

The warmer seasons saw the emergence of the platforms, with the most popular one being the Steve Madden Platform Espadrille Sandal. Now that the weather is getting colder, the platform style has transferred over to sneakers, being adopted by brands like Nike, Vans and even Converse. The platform sneaker is the perfect way to add some style to a plain leggings and sweater outfit without losing any comfort. These “desert ore” Nike Air Force 1’s are the ideal shade for fall. For a less expensive option, Pretty Little Things sells a classic white platform sneaker that goes with any outfit.


The best way to spice up any plain jeans and T-shirt look is with a good belt. Luckily, unique belts are in right now, giving shoppers plenty of options on all different online stores. If one wants a spin on the typical black belt, the Ink to Buckle Belt from Dolls Kill is the right choice. If the look is fancier, try this rhinestone belt from Forever 21. For a soft and feminine feel, this circle chain belt from Nasty Gal will do the trick. For those who don’t enjoy wearing belts, this belt chain, also from Nasty Gal, will add the accessory of a belt without the hassle.

Statement jeans

This generation has officially outgrown the plain jeggings that took them through middle and high school. Retro jeans — like bell-bottoms, as well as flare jeans and “mom jeans” — have made their way back into style and are probably here to stay for a while, so one might as well stock up. Currently, a popular style is jeans with a star shape sewn into the back. These can be found in many different styles on the Revice Denim website, including the bell-bottoms version. For the classic mom jean, Pacsun has several options, including this two-toned pair.

Tortoise jewlery

Tortoise jewelry is in every store now, and similar to cheetah print, it’s one of those patterns that goes with everything. From plain brown to colorful, tortoise jewelry is a way to add fun to an outfit while still looking professional and put together. For a simple statement, one could buy the Brianna hoops set from Francesca’s. For something bolder, the disc drop earrings from Forever 21 are a good pick. To combine trends, try the Tortoise chain belt from Nasty Gal.

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