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Kevin Hart’s new special gives fans the right amount of laughter they need at this moment.

With the pandemic still continuing, it’s nice to have something to laugh at.

Comedian Kevin Hart brings his love of stand-up to his living room with his newest Netflix special, “Zero F**ks Given.”

With the struggles of being in quarantine, Hart was happy to be home and spend time with his family. However, he missed doing what he loved. So, with a small audience, he whipped up a mini comedy show.

“This feels right,” Hart says in the beginning of his set. Instead of an arena of thousands of fans, it’s a handful of people wearing masks and sitting on socially distanced couches. He goes into how he’s done shows at every level of locations a performer can do, such as stadiums, arenas and theaters, but he was glad to go back to the basics. In his other routines, he starts out with a lot of energy since he has to get thousands of people excited.

The next skit goes into his experience of having COVID-19 or “the vid.” Hart discusses how panicked he was at the beginning and got more worried when he and his wife tested positive. He was asymptomatic, so the doctor told him to drink tea, but he didn’t think that was enough and asked the doctor if they needed a ventilator. Hart says he didn’t make his case public because he got tested when Tom Hanks was tested.

“Tom Hanks is a bigger star than me,” Hart said. “He would of swallowed my f**king announcement. He’s Forrest Gump; you’re not gonna beat Forrest Gump. No shot.”

The show then transitions into discussing his kids. In his last special, his kids had just become teenagers, and Hart’s wife had just had a baby. In this special, the two oldest are in high school, his youngest is 2 years old, and his wife is expecting any day. He discusses how messed up he thinks private school is, how his daughter’s beginning to like boys and how his son is doing poorly in his classes. He always incorporates his kids into the show and delivers that part of the set perfectly.

“I love that in my specials you get to see the growth of my kids,” Hart said. “You get to see their development.”

He then confesses that his kids are spoiled. An example is traveling. Hart tells a story about his kids’ first experience flying on a non-private jet with his ex-wife. The kids were confused about security, didn’t like the rules of keeping their carry-ons under their seats and were freaking out the entire time.

“I’ve never seen a higher level of panic in my life,” Hart said jokingly.


He also talks about what it’s like being 41. He explains how going out and drinking is different. Hart also compares how men are able to relax more at his age while women can’t. He focuses on the fact that women can’t just sit down.

“It’s a task for women,” Hart explained. 

As an example, he talks about when his wife wants to do something, he’ll ask what and she’ll reply with, “Mmm-mmm, something?”

Hart also tells a story of when he took his wife to a dinner party at Jerry Seinfeld’s house. At the end, Seinfeld surprises everyone with brickoven pizza, which they called “BOP.” The guests were excited, and Hart got jealous of everyone loving Seinfeld, so he got a brickoven pizza ordered to his house. He had some friends over and decided to surprise them like Seinfeld did. Unfortunately, Hart didn’t get the same response from his guests. It was a funny story, but viewers may get a little sympathetic because he tried.

Hart also talked about what he did in quarantine. While he took the time to be with his family, he also tried some potential hobbies. The first one was biking, which he hated because of the bike shorts. Then he tried boxing and had a trainer work with him. The trainer kept telling Hart he reminded him of a fighter named Lefty Lou Earl. Hart didn’t know who that was so he looked him up. Turns out, Earl was a fighter with one arm who won one match because his opponent was disqualified.

Hart’s new special gives fans the right amount of laughter they need at this moment. While there are some raunchy moments — which is typical for a Hart show — it’s still a hilarious routine.

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