On Oct. 13, Apple launched a new generation of iPhones including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The world of technology was in for a treat Tuesday when one of the biggest electronic companies gave consumers a taste of some of its new products.

While it’s usually earlier in the year, employees at Apple Inc. produced and posted a launch event video to introduce their newest items. Included was a home connecting device, four new phones, accessories that are exclusively for the next new models and some new features that have never been accessible on any other iPhone devices.

HomePod mini ($99)

In 2014, Amazon released a communication device called “Alexa” or “Amazon Echo,” which has sold over 200 million devices according to Marketing Land. Now, Apple has invented the second HomePod, HomePod mini. Using the power of Siri, one can give verbal commands to play music, set reminders and even have it read off a daily schedule. Since it’s an Apple based product, a HomePod mini allows a maximum of six people to sync their iPhones and use it to send messages, call and respond to texts.

The device also has voice recognition so it’ll operate each phone based on who’s talking. When one buys multiple HomePods, they can be used as intercoms or a stereo pair. Another interesting feature is that it syncs with the Apple Home app so one can verbally control the lighting, the temperature and other options that work through the Apple Home app. The product is scheduled to be released Nov. 16.

Smartphone speed

An important consideration to make when buying a phone is how fast it can download. Everyone would prefer a phone that can send a text in five seconds instead of 15. Apple is in the process of adding 5G to their latest smartphones as well as a newly programmed chip created by programmers to increase speed. They continually emphasized how faster speed will benefit consumers. The presenter said that putting these two concepts together will make the newest phone models the fastest smartphones in the world.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini ($799 or $699)

With technological discoveries occurring at a rapid pace, the designers and programmers at Apple have completed the new iPhone generation: iPhone 12. According to the presenter, it’s 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter than previous iPhones. The screen is now made with ceramic glass which makes the device four times more durable before adding a case. They improved the color accuracy and pixelation, which gives it more detail when one looks at it. They kept both the normal, front-facing, wide angle and extreme wide lenses, but all lenses offer dark mode for night photography. They even added a 4K HDR Dolby vision video camera which has never been produced as a phone feature as well as a video editing program within the phone. The phone will be released next Friday.

MagSafe (prices vary based on what product)

With every iPhone purchase, the consumer also finds a case and accessories that either snap or sticks onto the phone. Apple made cases for the iPhone 12 that magnetically connects to the phone. Although they cover the back of the phone, Magsafe products are designed so that it’s still easy to place the phone on a wireless charger. One can purchase any of these products now.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max ($999 and $1999)

For Apple consumers who’d like to be more technologically advanced, the iPhone 12 brings the device to the next level. The speed is equally as fast with 5G and the new chip. It also has the same durability as the normal iPhone 12 and has the same new features. However, this phone has better camera quality, better zoom range and can produce a clearer picture even when using portrait mode. There have been professional directors that have used this product for shooting films and received the high quality photography they would’ve gotten with a film production camera. Both products are scheduled to be released next Friday.

Apple has come a long way within two phone generations. While they still have the Face ID security and no home button, the designers went even further. They now allow consumers to work with Siri within one’s house or apartment. With the improvements and products they have now, it’s going to be interesting to see what appealing features Apple comes up with next.

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