Telehealth programs and groups have been expanded at JMU's counseling center.

From a pandemic to school cancellations, an increase in COVID-19 cases and being forced online after one week of school, morale at JMU may be low. Whether one is a JMU student or not, maintaining mental health is of utmost importance.

With life constantly changing, it can be easy to feel down and to feel like giving up. Here are some accessible resources one can access to improve mental health. 

Therapy Assistance Online  

The JMU Counseling Center offers Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)  to those who need it. TAO offers over 150 educational sessions that cover topics dealing with mental health and wellness. Although TAO won’t be a live connection with a clinician, the service offers many interactive modules and treatment interventions. The service is free and can be found on the Counseling Center’s website under online mental health resources

Telehealth Counseling 

Along with Therapy Assistance Online, the JMU Counseling Center also offers free telehealth counseling. One must call the Counseling Center if they’re unable to come for an in-person appointment and an after hours mental health crisis line is available. Telehealth programs and groups have also been expanded. There’ll now be groups for immunocompromised students, international students, students of color and intercollegiate athletes. Ongoing support services will be provided using telehealth support so that more students can safely access mental health support in a way that fits their schedule. 


Bloom is a free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and self care app. The app gives personalized mental health coaching sessions that are aimed toward managing stress and anxiety. Bloom uses a combination of therapy, interactive video classes and guided journaling to boost one's mood and to create more joy in life. 

Meditation at the University Recreation Center 

The UREC mediation room is located on the third floor above the Sports Forum. The room is open for drop-ins, unless a class is taking place. All UREC and university COVID-19 as well as general policies are in place in the room, but all are welcome and encouraged to keep it a quiet and calming space. 

Self-care spaces 

Self-care spaces are located in the Counseling Center. The center offers two rooms: The Oasis and The Studio, both of which are available to all students, faculty and staff at no charge. The Oasis offers yoga mats, pillows and blankets, massage chairs, iPads with relaxation apps, noise-canceling headphones and a relaxation guidebook. The Studio offers paints and brushes, canvases, clay and sand, markers and pencils, outlines for mandalas and face masks, fabrics, ribbons and a studio guidebook. Each space requires one to sign in at the front desk and to leave their JACard, but using both spaces is encouraged if one needs a space to relax. 

Although actions may seem pointless at the moment and it feels like this state of uncertainty will never end, this will pass. The most important thing one can do right now is to take care of themself. 

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