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John Krasinski started a YouTube channel called “SomeGoodNews" to spread positive, feel-good content to the public. 

Lately, news coverage has been heavy. Positivity and hope may be hard to come by with static reporting. On the heels of a pandemic, it’s difficult to avoid, and with all the content highlighting the same subject, there isn’t much escape. 

While there’s much to be covered in this ever-changing narrative, it’s important to pay attention to the positive acts and the uplifting stories that restore hope and bring happiness. Here’s a positive newsreel for one’s screen — some refreshing and exciting stories to offer up some light. 

John Krasinski brings ‘SomeGoodNews’ to the Internet 

John Krasinski, or Jim Halpert from “The Office” as most people know him as, started a YouTube channel in March called “SomeGoodNews,” where he does just that — provides some feel-good content to the public. He creates videos from the comfort of his home, brings in virtual guests and offers up his witty, humorous charm to spread a smile across viewers’ faces. 

In his most recent upload, he brought in a newly engaged couple, Pam and Jim style, outside of a gas station. Krasinski brought the couple on his show with a special surprise planned. He’d just become ordained online and would be marrying the couple right then and there. However, he wasn’t doing so without having some guests present. He quickly brought in both the bride and groom's set of parents — but that wasn’t all.

Krasinski conveniently had a speaker beside him and played the famous aisle-walking song from Jim and Pam’s wedding. Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell and the cast of “The Office” was then suddenly on the call and a full-on dance party broke out. Not one cast member was absent. It was truly heartwarming and entertaining and is sure to make one’s day. 

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber release new fundraising single

On May 8, Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber dropped their new single, “Stuck With U.” The song’s a fundraiser for the First Responders Children’s Foundation, providing scholarships and grants to the children of medical workers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters and police officers, as listed in the music video’s description. 

The song’s name and message is a nod to the current state of the world: stuck at home and self-isolated. The music video features a star-studded cast of singers, athletes, fans and furry friends at home with loved ones dancing to the song from their bedrooms, living rooms and more. The video was filmed entirely via video chat and from the homes of Grande and Bieber. 

The song is another heartwarming sentiment and was a gift given to fans as a beacon of light and entertainment, along with fundraising for a great cause during a serious time. 

Taylor Swift Releasing ‘City of Lover’ Concert Series Special

Also on May 8, the world got some more exciting news, especially for Taylor Swift lovers. 

Swift made a special announcement on Good Morning America that she’ll be releasing a brand-new concert special from her Paris performance last September. The concert was to celebrate the release of her seventh album, “Lover.” The special, titled “The City of Lover Show,” was aired on Sunday, May 17 on ABC at 10 p.m. EST. 

But, that’s not all. The special is also now available on Disney+ and Hulu to be watched whenever, wherever and as frequently as desired. 

The concert features never-before-seen performances from Swift’s “Lover” album and is truly a treat for all the “Swifties” out there.

With all the somber content saturating the media right now, it’s important not to have the good news get lost in the shuffle. There are positive stories and acts of kindness worth covering to bring about some refreshing excitement. 

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