"The House on Linardi Street," an original play written by senior theatre major Juleanna Green, follows five siblings on a lake house weekend as they debate their inheritance, relive childhood memories and ultimately grow closer. Reviewer Evan Moody writes that the play's emotional range and themes of nostalgia and family linger with the audience, even after the final bow.

You may see the Dukettes dancing in Bridgeforth Stadium or the Atlantic Union Bank Center, but they're rising in status as a top-tier collegiate dance team. In addition to performing at JMU football and basketball games, the Dukettes dance competitively in events like the National Dance Alliance’s annual National Collegiate Dance Championship. 

WB Games Montreal's Gotham Knights is the latest major Batman video game since the acclaimed Arkham series, though the new release doesn't quite equal the quality of its predecessors. While Gotham Knights does thrive with its range of playable heroes, it falters with a predictable plot and lackluster gameplay.

Contributing writer Grayson Banning gives his thoughts on the recently released romantic comedy fil, "Ticket to Paradise." While the film was shot in a beautiful location making it a very aesthetically pleasing to watch,  Banning said it over played the rom-com cliches and was ultimately just boring.  

As Halloween quickly approaches, downtown Harrisonburg celebrated with Skeleton Fest. The event attracted nearly 8,000 people and had many events including costume contests, trick-or-treating, pumpkin painting contests and more.  

As students prepare to make the important decision about where to live during the next year, knowing if a place is furnished or unfurnished may play a role in that choice. In this listicle, Abigail Elia provides five places students can go to find cheap furniture to furnish their off-campus living. 

Gemeinschaft Home is a halfway house that provides resources and structure for ex-prisoners on parole who are transitioning to life outside of prison. Travis Trout, a current resident of Gemeinschaft, hopes to open his own tattoo parlor once he reaches more stable circumstances.

"The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical" was the first theater production to take place at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts this semester. Produced by Stratford Players, a student-run performance organization, the show only had a month before it was performed to a sold-out crowd. Bigger themes of dealing with COVID-19 among other student life struggles are prevalent in the show.