“Planet Coaster,” an amusement park simulator video game, does a great job creating nostalgic moments with its new console edition. However, it’s a management simulator, and there’s much more to running a park than creating and riding roller coasters.

Comedian Kevin Hart brings his love of stand-up to his living room with his newest Netflix special, “Zero F**ks Given.”  Instead of an arena of thousands of fans, it’s a handful of people wearing masks and sitting on socially distanced couches. 

While COVID-19 may stop friends from gathering in person for Thanksgiving, that doesn't mean friendsgiving is off the table this year. Here are some easy ways to get in the holiday spirit virtually.

Decision 2020 is finally upon us, and it doesn't come without stress. After voting and volunteering, there may not be anything else that’s useful in a moment like this. It may be best to distract one’s mind and practice self-care.

COVID-19 regulations have altered the RA-resident relationship at JMU in numerous ways. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Resident advisers have had to come up with creative ways to safely connect with their halls with Zoom meetings, check-in phone calls and more.

October's over, but you're still looking for a spooky time. We got what you're looking for — here are the most terrifying horror games on the decade.

Ian McLeod started Cleod9 Music as a small operation in his parent's home. Since then, he and his company has created musical scores for films, documentaries, commercials and more.

Sarah Boyts Yoder developed her style as an abstract artist during her time in the Master of Fine Arts program at JMU. Now, she's an accomplished full-time artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Rob (’90) and Kim Lesniak (’91) are a classic JMU story. The couple met at JMU,  got married in Harrisonburg and had three children who are all Dukes. The family reflects on the JMU culture and how campus has changed since the ’80s.

Hannah Culverhouse, a former JMU student, was known as "the campus witch." As a pagan and a witch, she works with a balance of energies and she used to read tarot cards and cast spells for her hallmates in Hillside Hall in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

This marks the 18th year of the annual Beat Breast Cancer 5K in Harrisonburg, Virginia and it’s still happening virtually due to COVID-19. From Oct. 11-31, participants can do the 5K on their own. Funds from the breast cancer awareness race will benefit the Rockingham Memorial Hospital Foundation.

This week on “The Bachelorette,” group dates kick off and Clare continues to ignore almost everyone except Dale. It’s obvious producers had to get creative filming all the dates on the resort property, but every date this week falls flat in terms of entertainment value.

While scary movies are the norm during October, horror television series can be just as successful at setting the Halloween mood. Here are seven shows to stream now or any time one is looking for a scare.