In honor of Juneteenth — the anniversary of when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached the last group of slaves in Texas in 1865 — staff writer Morgan Vuknic compiled a guide of places to visit, movies to watch and educational resources to celebrate the holiday and learn more about Black history.

In this weeks installment of "A Wealth of Health," Hannah Lifrieri talks about gym anxiety and how to overcome it, especially in regards to those who are starting on their fitness journey. She pays special attention to the resources offered by UREC as well as tips on how to safely work the gym into your routine.  

In his review of the first two episodes of "Obi-Wan Kenobi," Luke Freisner dives into the excellent performance of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and Vivien Lyra Blair as a young Princess Leia to continue with the Star Wars legacy. However, the main antagonist, Reva's (Moses Ingram), performance falls flat. So far, the episodes seem like something to look forward to each week, writes Freisner.    

Now that the first season of HBO's "Winning Time" has come to a close, reviewer Jack Calabrese shares his thoughts on a collection of episodes with "ups and downs." Though the series faced controversy and struggled to balance showcasing the prestige of the 1980s Lakers with numerous subplots, the season finale offers a hopeful glimpse at what comes next in season two.

Harry Styles' latest work, "Harry's House," is an intimate collection of songs that blend "funky ... childlike lyricism" and "fashionable production," as reviewer Jake Dodohara puts it. While the album is enjoyable, Jake writes, Styles' mimicry of other indie-pop sounds hinders originality.

JMU's Student Government Association is rebranding its DEI committee to be the DEIJA+ committee, incorporating the following: diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, accessibility and more. Leia Surovell, sophomore anthropology major, will take over as chairperson in the fall and hopes to expand the committee's presence and outreach next year.

JMU junior Zack Lipshultz said his love for music started in the womb, literally. Now, he produces his own music, recently released his debut single and is a DJ. He said he thinks his ADHD and "cookie-bite" hearing loss have had an impact on the type of music he's drawn to. 

Adapted from Aaron Blabey's bestselling children's book series, DreamWorks' "The Bad Guys" tells the tale of criminal animals with a chance at redemption. Reviewer Gracie Brogowski writes, "This isn’t the type of DreamWorks production that will get an iconic status like 'Shrek' or 'Kung Fu Panda,'" though it serves as a fun movie for the whole family.

Anna Miscione is an internationally competing archer. After having noticed blurry vision and slight headaches, MRI scans found she had a brain tumor. Although Miscione's brain surgery went well, she's faced challenges as she tries to train her mind and body to get back into archery. 

Griffin Evans, also known by his stage name Griff.ith, is a DJ with a growing presence in JMU, Harrisonburg and Washington, D.C. Over the past eight months, he's established himself in the area with a residency at Dukes Bar & Grill in downtown Harrisonburg and booking gigs with Relay for Life and JMU's  University Program Board.

"Metal Lords" follows two friends, Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) as they start a heavy metal band at their school. The film's a nice addition to Netflix's collection of films but isn't the most memorable, must-watch movie out there, resident reviewer Gracie Brogowski writes.

After releasing two singles — "Don't Go Yet" and "Bam Bam," which features Ed Sheeran — Camila Cabello returns at full force and with her third album, "Familia." Reviewer Taylor St. Pierre calls the project "extremely refreshing" with Cabello's connection to her Latin roots and "gratifying" use of both English and Spanish throughout the album.

The latest episode of "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty" shifts the show's perspective from Magic Johnson to highlight others from the ensemble of characters. As the episode ends with a shocking cliffhanger, contributing writer Jack Calabrese questions whether the twists will pay off as the show continues.

"Feminism is for everyone" is a class-project-turned-blog that began as an assignment for a social movements class in the political science department. The student run blog's focus is promoting intersectionality between four main categories: racial equity, gender equity, LGTBQ rights and immigration rights.

As the first Marvel film to premiere after "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Sony's latest production, "Morbius," fails to live up to the same success. While the special effects are eye-catching and Jared Leto gives a fair performance as the living vampire, reviewer Luke Freisner writes, the new movie's problems stem from its very inception.

“Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is HBO's new 1980s-set limited series starring John C. Reilly and Quincy Isaiah as Jerry Buss and basketball star Magic Johnson, respectively. After watching the first four episodes, reviewer Jack Calabrese calls the show "over-the-top" and television's "next big thing."

"The Lost City" begins with a kidnapping, turns into a journey to find the treasure, and then becomes a rescue mission all filled with comedic moments. Resident reviewer Gracie Brogowski writes that while the film is fun to watch in theatre's, it doesn't quite leave a mark on its own.