Elon Musk, the world's wealthiest man, is using Twitter to help his followers make a quick buck. By giving market-moving shoutouts to popular stocks and cryptocurrencies like GameStop, Bitcoin and Dogecoin, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is showing his influence and power as he flexes his social media muscles.

An aggressive army of Redditors took Wall Street hedge funds by storm with wild speculative bets in a massive investing mania that’s quickly becoming one of the most fascinating investing case studies ever. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s behind the out-of-control speculation as well as a look at the emotions — greed, fear, euphoria and panic — fueling the Wall Street bloodbath.


Moderna and Pfizer appear to have promising COVID-19 vaccines, but will that momentum translate to those companies' bottom lines and stock prices? Madison Business Review contributor Will PerDieu considers whether the two pharmaceutical companies are enticing investments.

Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on one issue, though for starkly different reasons: Big Tech may be too big and powerful. Despite bipartisan criticism, is it time to buy the dips in shares of Facebook and Twitter, or will these social media companies keep trending downward? Here’s a look at how each company will fare going forward.


Slowdowns in global trade and business investment crippled chipmakers in 2020 as the pandemic spread, but the industry has proved resilient. This comprehensive research report introduces the semiconductor industry and breaks down its structure, firm conduct, performance and trends to watch going forward.


2020 was a year for the record books in more ways than one. While millions of individuals and tens of thousands of businesses suffered during the pandemic, stocks largely soared. As the world hopes to heal in 2021, could the tables turn and leave investors ironically longing for a return to 2020?

Congress dodged a shutdown, and a stimulus deal may be in the works. Vaccine distribution has begun, the Federal Reserve made headlines this week and fresh lawsuits were filed against Google and Robinhood. The Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth recaps what happened this week in markets and breaks it all down.

Harrisonburg coffee shops saw sudden sales drops as the pandemic redefined normal, but some are coming back stronger than ever. The Madison Business Review spoke with four cafe owners to hear how business has been after a horrific spring and a dull summer. Here are their stories.

Jack Brown’s and Billy Jack’s have a bit more breathing room in the social distancing era, thanks to a new dining space between the two restaurants that was previously home to a T-shirt shop. The Madison Business Review checked in with the eateries to hear how business has been amid the pandemic.

Economic analyses of the effects on workers show mixed results at best in cities that have implemented a $15 per hour minimum wage. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean modestly raising the minimum wage after years of stagnation would cripple the economy. Here’s how economists view the hot-button issue.


The world is waiting to hear who the next president is, as are JMU students, faculty, staff and others in the Harrisonburg community. The Madison Business Review spoke with JMU professors to add historical context to the roles politicians and the media are playing in this monumental moment in U.S history.