Combating climate change through the Green New Deal is a massive economic risk given its exorbitant cost, but Senator Bernie Sanders thinks it would pay for itself. Can the U.S. afford to tackle climate change, or can it not afford not to?

Distrust of the American media is near an all-time high, and our democracy is in peril. JMU Media Arts & Design assistant professor Ryan Alessi joined Madison Business Review editor James Faris to discuss the state of the media heading into the 2020 presidential election.

Uncertainty abounds heading into the fourth quarter of 2020. The presidential election looks to be a toss-up with weeks to go, and there's no precise timeline on a safe vaccine release or an economic recovery. Here’s what's behind September's choppy market action.

An opening in the Supreme Court led to talk that the Affordable Care Act could be knocked down, which led to volatility in health care and the broader market. Banks were also weak this week. Madison Business Review contributor Bryce Roth explains what moved the market in this week's market analysis.

The secret is out: Working too hard leads to diminishing returns that often harm employees’ mental health and employers’ productivity. Here's the ideal workweek length and how both employers and employees can benefit from it.

It takes two hands to count all the dining halls, parking decks, academic buildings and sports arenas built by JMU in recent years. The Madison Business Review's Landon Birsch breaks down the planning behind the moves in this insightful read.

Materialism and the insatiable hunger for new devices leads to the mining of cobalt, used in lithium batteries. Companies like Apple and Tesla are taking note of human rights issues involved in cobalt production and are seeking alternatives.

College isn't for everyone. Teachers and parents who pretend like it is can hurt students and put them in unnecessary long-term debt. Here's why skipping college may be the best investment a young person can make.

Apple announced it's going carbon-neutral by 2030 after pressure from environmentally conscious investors. But it's possible for companies to be carbon-neutral while increasing their carbon footprint and emissions. What will the impact on the Earth and other companies be from this move?

One more crushing blow from COVID-19? Efforts to end global poverty have been significantly set back as nations refocus priorities on defeating the virus instead of working to make the world a better place for decades to come.

There's no debate: Investing is one of the most powerful ways to generate wealth. The Madison Business Review's Phillip Roth breaks down differences between top online brokers to help JMU students put cash to work wisely.

Consumers have held corporations accountable on environmental issues in recent years, but airlines are lagging behind. Can the industry, shaken to its core by COVID-19, make positive moves toward sustainability with carbon-free flight?

President Trump has a history of being friendly toward corporations, but a recent tweet of his may indicate otherwise as tech giants obliterate competition amid the pandemic. The Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth breaks that down and much more in this week's market recap.

Positive vaccine data was washed out by ominous coronavirus case counts and anxiety in Washington as the deadline to solidify a new stimulus deal approaches. The Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth analyzes all that and more in this week's recap.