JMU voice recital brings vocal performance professor and student closer to form a one-on-one connection

For Dr. Lucy Hoyt and Megan O’Brien, being involved with JMU’s vocal performance department is a very unique and personal working relationship. While talking with both of them about their most recent voice recital, Dr. Hoyt specifically emphasized how well she has known O’Brien, taking her on from her freshman year all the way into her fifth year.

Although it may seem challenging to balance streaming and coordinating a recital with moving parts, the university actually has professional interns who check in between rooms to make sure that video and audio are all in sync. When talking to Megan about her teacher, she talked about how Dr. Hoyt was what motivated her to push forward through the program.

She went on about how having a special one-on-one connection really cements how they’re able to intuitively learn from each other. Dr. Hoyt finished off by saying that ten recitals were successfully run this semester and a dozen more are set to happen this coming Spring.