In 2007, Vito’s Italian Restaurant opened and quickly became a JMU staple for students and visiting parents. After fifteen successful years of operating the restaurant, the owners are stepping up to a new challenge while combining the success of the beloved restaurant.

After the pandemic, there was an opening right next store to the restaurant and they took the opportunity to create Vito’s Italian Market. The owners of Vito’s Italian Restaurant got the idea when they were making a lot of to-go and take-out orders while everyone was quarantining during COVID-19.

There are take and bake items created for customers to create an Italian dish and only going to one store. The owners of Vito’s Italian Restaurant, Vito and Katharine, say the process of opening the market was fun. When looking for the Italian dishes and products to fill the store Vito found out that this process was nostalgic.

He said that testing and finding the food to sell brought him back to his childhood where he grew up in Italy. The market produces authentic Italian products and specialty items that are not found in Harrisonburg. The owners say that they hope that the market brings a taste and experience of Italy without leaving Harrisonburg.