JMU students hiked to the top of High Knob on a UREC sponsored trip

This weekend UREC leaders took students on a hike to the high knob fire tower lookout. So we decided to come with. Let's go hiking!

After we picked out our hiking staff, we decided to get some initial thoughts from hiker, Catherine Taylor. "I do enjoy hiking, I mean we'll see about the ice and the snow, I usually hike in the summertime when it's really hot. But It'll be a pretty different experience, I'm excited for it."

It's really pretty! It's cold!!! It's very cold, yes. But, It's gonna be fun, we're gonna have hot chocolate at the top of high and it's gonna be great. It'll be warm! We took a few breaks along the way... but the thought of hot chocolate kept us going. We made it!! Wohoo!!

Once, we got to the top of the mountain, we took in the amazing views. After we admired the scenery, we asked Ben Fershnick, as his experience as a UREC trip leader. "My freshman year, I did the madison outdoor adventure trip remote and I really connected with my group leader, who does what I do now. And she said that there is a class that I could take so I took it my freshman year, Fall semester." It was like a nine week course we met once a week, every Wednesday from 4-9 and I just did random trips that we would do.

Our trip leaders prepared us hot cocoa as we slowly became reportersicles. So, why did you come out on the hike today? I wanted to get outside. To make new friends. As we headed back down the mountain, we found some... creative ways to make our journey home. AHH!! Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I have arrived. Reporting for Breeze TV, I'm Maggie Richerby, and I'm Drew Duren.