The Rockingham SPCA started a Barn Cat Program in which cats that are not suitable to live indoors are adopted and live in outdoor areas such as sheds or barns and kill pests such as mice, moles, and others. These types of cats are not very friendly towards humans. The adoptions of the cats will benefit owners by killing their pests and benefit cats by giving them a place to live as well as food and water. The program is funded by the Petco Foundation and they were given a $40,000 grant. The program has seen some success as well. In the interview we spoke with Tiffany Corbin, the Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Dacia Foster, the Barn Cat Program Manager, and Executive Director of SPCA, Huck Nawaz. They told us that the barn cats do better with a buddy or second cat and they provide new owners with a cage where their barn cat will stay until it identifies its new home as its home, which takes about 4 weeks. Those interested in adopting a barn cat can apply online and then can get approved after providing information on what types of establishments they have available for the cats whether it be a farm or ranch with a barn, stable, garage or shed, or a warehouse.