Since the Harrisonburg City Council passed the Environmental Action Plan

for the city last year, city departments have been putting forth their best efforts to make Harrisonburg environmentally friendly. This week Breeze TV's Colby Johnson headed to Black Run creek to talk with Wes Runion and Keith Thomas of the city Public Works Department about their roles in keeping the city clean. Runion is the city's Environmental specialist and oversees projects mostly dealing with water quality. He shared specifics about a stream restoration project the city recently completed and talked about how the work he oversees benefits the aquatic environment and water quality. Thomas talked about the Harrisonburg Conservation Assistance Program that he oversees, the program provides financial incentives to anyone who installs stormwater management on their land. Both men shared things they think would help make the city even more environmentally friendly. Runion said he wants to see the city expand its tree canopy and talked about the benefits of doing so and Thomas said he thinks the city will work to make buildings more energy-efficient and reduce their carbon emissions.