Renowned ice cream parlor in Mt Crawford moves to a new facility

Derek Smiley, the owner of Smiley’s Ice Cream shop, currently located right across from Mount Crawford Creamery, is planning to move the shop’s location to a bigger facility.

Although the new shop will be just down the road from the old one, it will allow Smiley’s Ice Cream Shop more space for ice cream production, indoor and outdoor seating, and more space for the long lines Smiley’s Ice Cream shop encounters year round. Also, the new location allows for much more parking space.

Furthermore, Smiley’s Ice Cream shop is currently shared with Mount Crawford Creamery, so the new shop provides much more space. What sets Smiley’s Ice Cream shop apart from others in the valley is Smiley’s goal to make his ice cream with locally sourced products that either are made in house or imported from local businesses.

Additionally, Smiley’s Ice Cream shop works with Mount Crawford Creamery, which provides fresh milk from cows located on site. The milk is produced twice a day, every day and taken 100 feet across the current parking lot to Smiley’s Ice Cream shop.

The new location will continue to allow Smiley’s Ice Cream to work with Mount Crawford Creamery, as it is just up the road.