Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative’s "Operation Round Up" is giving back to local nonprofit organizations that help the community. The cause first started in 1989 at Palmetto Electric Cooperative located in South Carolina.

Other cooperatives started to follow in their footsteps, and SVEC began its in 2018. Members of the local cooperative can join on their website or give a call to the facility, and sign up to round up their electric bill. It's only about an average of 50 cents per month, or six dollars a year. The nonprofits complete grant applications, and the Operation Round Up committee reviews the grants. They then decide on how much to fund for each organization.

The change might not be noticeable on the bill for members, but on the outside it's seen. The grant helps many nonprofits ranging from volunteer libraries, fire departments, food banks, food pantries, homeless shelters, foster care and many others. The grant is wide reaching, and it hope to see a growth in members joining the movement.