The volleyball season came to a close this past weekend when the women played against Hofstra University. For two seniors this means that their time at JMU is slowly coming to a close. Senior captain Savannah Marshall has been a consistent leader on the court.

In her last set of matches, she had a combined total of 18 digs for the team leading them on defense. Savannah’s long volleyball career has come to an end but she hasn’t forgotten where it all started. Marshall said, “I started playing volleyball when I was about five, I got put in like a courthouse league. And then I kind of transitioned into playing different sports. For the recruiting process, JMU was one of the schools I wanted to go to. My brother went here so it was kind of an exciting thing to be able to go to school with your brother."

Not only being an outstanding player on court, her record of awards in the classroom is even more impressive. As a sophomore, she made the Dean’s list and in the spring of 2020 she made the President’s list. On top of that, she made the CAA honor roll for that year.

Moving to junior year she continued her success in the classroom receiving CAA honor roll again. With her achievement in the classroom, her next chapter outside of JMU is a little less structured.

Marshall said, "just new beginnings I think, I really don't have a path yet of what I specifically want to do which is really exciting to me because I get to explore and try to challenge myself in other ways, so I am excited for that."

Being a stand-out player on the court, she has also been there for her teammates whenever they needed it most.

Sophia Davis said, "she is always someone I can rely on and she always makes me laugh.”

With JMU losing their strongest defensive player, coach Lauren Steinbrecher has high hopes for next year’s season.