Reporter Ian Welfley traveled out to new market in Rochester County to give Breeze TV some perspective on a new solar panel farm being constructed on plots of grassland in the area. Rockingham's Board of Supervisors is running a committee to come up resolutions on how to simultaneously satisfy the solar, agricultural and tourism industries with this new project.  However, it seems that despite this committee, tensions are still very much alive among the local community.

Last September, Caden Energix, one of the top solar providers in Virginia, asked Rockingham County’s Board of Supervisors to approve a permit allowing them to build a solar electric generating farm south of New Market off Craney Island Road and Hullings Lane.

With several neighboring communities also hopping on the solar train, the Board of Supervisors were initially all in.  The problem they were faced with, however, is that Rockingham County is the top agricultural county in Virginia, and it’s uncertain how the construction of solar panels will eat into the area’s most prosperous industry. 

Wanting some public input on the matter before moving forward, it was here that the Board of Supervisors put together a solar ordinance committee in hopes of creating resolutions beneficial to all.