Cannabis may not be legal in Virginia but hemp is and a local business is making big profits off of it

Two weeks ago, Virginia lawmakers passed legislation that would legalize marijuana by January of 2024. What most don’t know, however, is that there’s already a different kind of cannabis plant legal in the state of Virginia, being that of hemp. Hemp is a type of cannabis that differs from marijuana by containing 0.3 percent or less THC content by dry weight.

Wanting to spread awareness of this cannabis plant, a local distributor by the name of Pure Shenandoah has recently started providing educational workshops for the community on industrial hemp fiber and CBD production. Pure Shenandoah was founded by Abner Johnson and his four brothers, Talbot, Tanner, Jake and Andrew. Last December, their company invested nearly $3.3 million to establish a CBD extraction facility in Elkton, creating several jobs in the area and growing the local economy. They hope to break the stigma surrounding cannabis and teach its benefits to the public.

Breeze TV reporter, Ian Welfley, interviewed the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, Bradley Copenhaver, on this occurrence, learning that local farmers are always looking for a new crop, and that hemp could be that new opportunity.

Ian then traveled out to Elkton with reporter, Addison Cole, to get an exclusive look inside Pure Shenandoah's CBD extraction facility and conduct an interview with manager Talbot Johnson.