Marty Seible offers ghost tours to tourists in haunted Virginia city

Staunton, Virginia. Although teeming with rich history on the surface, the queen city also has a flair for the paranormal, generating tourism that explores the night life of this spooky site.

Breeze TV got to sit down with paranormal investigator and Black Raven tour guide Marty Seible, who has been featured on WHSV and covered Staunton's combination of legend, lore, history and mystery on his amazon prime series: “The Black Raven Chronicles''.

Through the streets, you can explore a haunted: clock tower, train station, courthouse, houses, and more. The tours have been conducted through Marty Sieble for the past thirteen years with his six-person crew, and has been a paranormal investigator for the past twenty years.

The Staunton walk through tours now have four different treks, including options that let tourists experiment with a spirit box that communicates with spirits on the other side. Although only thirty minutes south of the friendly city, don't be surprised if a chill creeps over you on one of Staunton's Black Raven Tours.

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