Breeze TV's Colby Johnson sat down with Harrisonburg's new interim Police Chief Gabriel Camacho a day before he steps into the position on September 12th. Camacho will replace outgoing Police Chief Eric English who is leaving Harrisonburg to take on the same position in Henrico County. English in an interview with The Breeze two weeks ago said that the city "is in good hands" with Camacho in charge.

Camacho has served as the Deputy Chief of HPD since December 2019 and has 25 years of work in law enforcement under his belt. Before coming to Harrisonburg Camacho also worked as the Captain of Operations for the Camden County Police Department in New Jersey. He also recently helped HPD’s other Spanish speaking officers to create a Spanish Facebook page to help spread information to the Harrisonburg Community.

Promoting Camacho from within represents a change for HPD as its previous two chiefs English, and Stephen Monticelli were hired from other departments to be chief of police.

Chief Camacho talked with Johnson about how he wound up in Harrisonburg, what he learned from working under chief English, some of the first things he plans to do as chief, and how he’ll continue to build HPD’s relationship with the Harrisonburg community in a time where tensions between citizens and police around the country are at an all-time high. Check out the full interview in the video above.