Harrisonburg benefit concert raises over $5,000 for Blue Sprocket Sound and Hometown Music

After a gas line explosion destroyed Blue Sprocket Sound and Hometown Music, the local music community banded together to throw a benefit concert with all donations being split between the businesses

"Well, a couple of weeks ago a sound engineer friend of mine got in touch with me and said, 'Hey I really want to do a benefit concert.' I said that's a great idea! So he started reaching out to local bands and I started reaching out to local bands and between the two of us we got a great full line up for the day, and of course, we've had amazing weather which has been incredible," said Jessica Crawford.

The warm November Saturday allowed people to sit socially distant in lawn chairs outside.

"Well we've been so pleased with the crowd today it's been just happy people on a beautiful day who are just really honestly ready to get out and hear some music because we've all not been able to do that in so long. So it was really a pleasure and a privilege to be able to take the stage for such an important cause and just have some fun with the community," said Jessica Crawford.

Valley Pike Market hosted the event and provided the stage setup.

"Well small businesses are the heartbeat of our community and anytime a small business is injured you know as a community we need to come together and try to help them," said David Gardner.

The benefit concert ended up raising over $5,000 for Blue Sprocket Sound and Hometown Music.