Mad River Mart has been open in Harrisonburg for two years now. The store is a one stop shop for students and Harrisonburg locals alike. We talked to the store's owner, Arbab, to see how business has been holding up in these times. While the pandemic might’ve slowed business down, Arbab has found a way to keep his business afloat. The store has become increasingly popular amongst JMU students, this comes as no surprise considering Arbab’s commitment to excellent customer relations. He sees his customers and students as family, and offers his help in any way he can. Arbab’s entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond simply being nice to his patrons, he’s found a new way to connect with his student customers through social media, especially TikTok. Arbab’s own customers loved his business so much that they wanted to help him set up a page on the trending app, leading him to get over 67,000 likes on his posts in his first week of downloading it. It’s no surprise that he won the award for Harrisonburg's entrepreneur of the year in 2020.