“I try to get a pretty good amount on to the tester, just so that you know, you can really see the color...”...and with that vibrant color comes an eco-friendly product.

withSimplicity has gone from one woman's kitchen to a local brand located in the friendly city.

“When you work with a small business, you're more involved with more than decisions and kind of decrease in the products, our products and the services we provide do make a difference in people's confidence,” Marketing Director for withSimplicity, Mary McMahan, said. “So, knowing that I'm promoting products that are good for the skin that are cruelty-free and vegan and such. As a marketer, it makes me feel like good because I never want to market a product I don't fully believe in”.

Along with providing all natural products withSimplicity also gives back when it can.

“If it wasn't for our awesome community and our customers, we wouldn't be here so we wanted to give back,” Owner of withSimplicity, Irina Dovganetskiy, said. “So one of the first things we've done is the Blue Ridge Food Bank where for each polish we sell, we provide a meal and it's just important to feed people in our own community.”

Continuing their partnership with New Creation, withSimplicity works with the nonprofit to spread a little holiday magic to those in need.

“What's really cool with New Creation is actually, we're currently working with them to provide gifts for an aftercare facility in Roanoke, called the Lampstand,” Sales lead for withSimplicity, Claire Wilkins, said. “And so when you come in to shop with us, you get the opportunity to pick out a gift for those kids who have come out of human trafficking. Like Christmas themed, but giving to others, which I'm really excited about.”