Showalter Orchard provides fun, fall activities to the valley

Reporters Keagan Hughes and Lorena Best investigate and explore the Showalter Orchard. They are known for their pick-your-own apples, apple cider donuts, and hard apple cider. Showalter has over 30 different types of apples at their farm; some are for eating, and while some are used onsite for their hard cider. Showalter is a fun fall activity in the valley that is a bucket list item for many JMU students, about 30 mins away from the James Madison University campus in Timberville, Virginia.

Gary Lantz clarified the conveyor of apples as they go through get cleansed and juiced. After the apples are juiced, the unnecessary part of the apple goes through the conveyor while the needed part of the apple gets pressed. Each press is about 50 gallons that will be made into their famous cider. Gary Lantz explained that they were making 3000 gallons for a local business.

A lot of their hard cider is sold at the Showalter Orchard in different flavors: blackberry, peach, apple, and strawberry. The owners, Shannon and Sarah Showalter, decided to focus on their ciders after they saw an increase in demand. Sarah Showalter was a previous Rockingham County school teacher but resigned to help run the family farm. Showalter Orchard harvest season is from mid-August and continues through November.