JMU theatre students create elaborate TikTok to showcase new project

On the surface, this elaborate TikTok posted within the past week may seem like one choreographed dance number -- in reality is only one piece in the forty minute project by JMU’s Musical Theatre class of 2022 called "Play On: Artists Supporting Artists." Interviewing with collaborators/roommates Colie Vancura, who was the video’s co-choreographer and co-director, and Sam Sinnott who worked sound design along with being a co-musical director, broke down the process of what went into this elaborate work.

“We basically spent the entire semester basically creating that, recording it, making music videos and what you saw was a clip from our group number "Play On" which I along with Mckenna Sturgeon, another musical theatre major, choreographed and directed and we recorded each vocal line separately. They came into our apartment, we would go upstairs, they would sing, they would lead, we would sanitize and do the whole process over again, and then Sam would mix that and put all of the music together, and then in terms of recording, everything was outside with masks and yeah, that was basically the process.” - Colie Vancura

“So that song actually was from twelfth night the musical adaptation by Shaina Taub and we had done that last fall, so about half of us that were already in that production already knew that song and the other half were still kind of learning it, and I spent about maybe like two weeks mixing it all together and that was my main gist with "Play On" as well as I did a duet with Mckenna Sturgeon, who also choreographed play on with Colie. So that's also in that bigger video, that forty minute video.” - Sam Sinnott