JMU radio station find new ways to share music during the pandemic

WXJM is JMU’s student-run radio station, but since COVID-19 is still a concern the radio station has transitioned to using the internet to broadcast their WXJM live shows.

WXJM Live has so far featured three local artists in their online live streams. They’ve featured Zekey who is a local Harrisonburg rapper, Zach Benson, and most recently Rose Blush.

They have future plans to expand their livestream efforts to include live video and audio of the artists’ performances, but as of now, they are sticking to pre-recorded video and audio.

WXJM live starts at 8 PM every Sunday night and you can find their livestream on, on their YouTube channel “WXJM LIVE”, as well as on Twitter: @WXJM_radio and on Twitch at