JMU Student Government surveys students to get insights into future campus legislation

Madison Speaks was an event put on by the Student Government Association at James Madison University from Monday, March 8th to Wednesday, March 10th. This is an annual event used to gather information about concerns the general population at JMU is having and to see what is working with the services and accommodations that JMU provides and what is not so that SGA can apply changes in the future.

How the event works is that SGA created a survey that students take by scanning a QR code with their phone and once the survey is completed they receive a free t-shirt. After the event is completed, SGA plans on compiling all of the data gathered and implementing it toward upcoming legislation.

The survey mainly focused on what main issues SGA should focus on from the students' perspectives. This includes student input on both university services and how well SGA is functioning legislatively.

SGA plans to take the data provided through these surveys and work to find ways that they can improve upon campus life for the inhabitants of JMU. The main issues brought up in the data will also be included in talks between SGA and the administration as well as their general resolutions for the betterment of the university.