JMU remembers Edith J. Carrier

On Sunday March 14, Former JMU First Lady, Edith J. Carrier passed away. Edith was known and loved by many alumni and members of the Harrisonburg community. Dr. Mark Warner recalls a memory when Mrs. Carrier made a splint for her husband’s broken wrist using just a magazine. “And from that time on, I was like, this is one special person in the world. She knows what she’s doing. Very calm, very collected, and really smart.” Mrs. Carrier’s kindness extended far beyond her students. Vice President for Access and Enrollment Management, Donna Harper, recalled fond memories of Edith Carrier.

“She walked over to my office here in Alumni Hall and actually brought a wedding present...I was the Assistant Dean of Students at that time, a very low-level employee so to speak, but that’s how much they cared about the people that they work for.” The Carriers showed their generosity in contributions towards the university and the arboretum. Jan Sievers Mahon looked back on Edith’s time at the arboretum.

"For several years Edith and her sister, Lois Johnson, were regular visitors at the Arboretum some time ago. The two of them would come and walk the pond loop, and enjoy a sit at a bench while visiting her son's memorial tree planted at the pond. She was one of the most positive people that I've even known. Her uplifting presence always made my day. If Arboretum staff were lucky enough to stop by and see her when here she was sure to offer you a heart-felt hug. What a special soul she was! What an honor to have this 125 acres named for her!" Mrs. Carrier will be missed, but her memory lives on in the Edith J Carrier Arboretum.