Donor grants JMU with an impressive mineral collection to Mineral Museum 

On Friday, November 6, James Madison announced they received a $16.8 million dollar mineral donation from Peter Via. Curators Dr. Lance Kearns and Dr. Cindy Kearns, who started the Mineral Museum and run it, have received donations in the past from Peter Via.

Dr. Kearns came to JMU and there was a limited supply of minerals to teach his students with, and so he started to collect dozens of minerals for the geology department and thus started the museum. The Mineral Museum which has gotten a new makeover was set to open last school year, but because COVID-19 has been delayed and has not yet been open to the public. But will be located in Festival Hall.

JMU Unleashed Campaign is for enriching students and the donation will help many students learn with hands-on experience with minerals from all over the country and internationally.

Dr. Leslie, the head of the department of geology and environmental science, is very passionate and excited about the new donation and says it will help put JMU on the map because of the new Mineral Museum.

Dr. Kearns says that since the announcement went public, his phone has not stopped ringing from people all over the country wanting to come down to stop and see the museum.