Dukes took to Madison Union's stage to sing along to their favorite songs at the first Karaoke Night of the spring 2021 semester

From Elton John to High School Musical, students got to show off their singing skills at karaoke night on Thursday. There were solo performances, duets, and other songs that needed the help of the audience. Our videographer, Teddy Muneses, also interviewed the individuals that put this event together.

UPB Amplify Director, Logan Sanders organized the first karaoke night of the year as COVID restrictions have been easing as the semester has gone on. In previous years he has organized concerts, such as the Bryce Vine concert from 2019. Due to recent events, concerts can’t be provided, so UPB is providing safe, socially distanced, events such as Open Mic Night and Karaoke Night.

If someone couldn’t come to the event in-person, there was a zoom meeting setup that allowed users to spectate the music from a camera on stage.

The microphones and lighting were set up by Madison Union Media Specialist, Jack Sullivan. He worked closely with Sanders during this event to make sure the equipment functioned so that of all the participants could sing their hearts out. He has prepared equipment in Grafton Movie Theater and other locations in Madison Union as well.

Logan mentions that there will be more UPB events to come this semester.