JMU football's Semaj Sorhaindo talks about his experience as a student-athlete and an activist

This week Breeze TV's Colby Johnson spoke with JMU football's Semaj Sorhaindo, a junior defensive lineman, about his off the field activism. As the Black Lives Matter moment sweeps the nation with calls for social justice and changes across the country, Sorhaindo became one of the founding members of SCAR JMU, the Student Coalition Against Racial Injustice (SCAR).

SCAR organized the Occupy JMU protest back in August on the first day of classes in response to the vandalism of the Spirit Rock. Semaj shared with Colby how the coalition first got started and how he became one of its leading members.

He also talked about what it's like being a student-athlete and an activist, and dealing with the backlash from those who want him to just "shut up and play ball". Fellow junior defensive lineman Isaac Ukwu also talked about Semaj, and how impressed he is by the action Sorhaindo is taking in the community. Sorhaindo shared that his mom helped him find his voice, and how it feels good to speak up for what he feels is right.

Check out this story for a unique perspective of a JMU football player who has become a student activist in the Black Lives Matter Movement.