JMU students have some opinons about love and romance this Valentine's Day

In this package reporter Drew Duren and videographer Teddy walk around and ask people about their Valentine’s Day plans. They talk to: Patrick Hinkle, Andy Logan, Jarrod Bock, Bailey, Madalin morrow, Jack Cobetto, Christian birch, Alex baker, Joshua sawin, Tim miller, Kaycie Robertson, and Joe shail.

The video starts with several people saying no to the question of if they have a Valentine or not. Then Drew proceeds to talk to Alex Baker and they have a discussion about if he would date a murderer or not. Alex baker takes a second but he says no. Then Drew talks to Patrick hinkle and Andy logan.

Patrick says that he no longer has a Valentine. He then explains that he and his Valentine are going to breakup. Then Drew talks to tim Miller. Mr. Miller talks about how last year before covid he was going to go to Greece with his Valentine, Mrs. Miller. It was cancelled due to covid. Miller then explains that how he’s going to spend it at hotel Madison.

Drew talks to a couple at the end of the video and they describe the way to create and sustain a perfect relationship. They say it is important to be friends first.