JMU professors ditch Zoom and use X-Labs to make online classes more interesting

Matt Pardo and Indgrid De Sanctis, College of Visual and Performing Arts professors, are teaching a class that is using JMU X-Labs in order to enhance the online format that they have had to adopt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breeze TV interviewed three sources for the package: Matt Pardo, Ingrid De Sanctis, and a student named Riley Harper. The videos involved are from a virtual performance that occurred on the top of the Forbes Theatre Parking Deck.

There are also videos of the actual XLAB facility where some of their technology is shown as well as pictures that show this as well. Students can use these graphic design boards to enhance their performances. XLABs is also compatible with Zoom, which is how XLABS helps to better the online class itself.

Matt Pardo explains how students are able to engage in their creative process by utilizing XLABS.

Ingrid De Sanctis describes how despite the current coronavirus pandemic, students can continue to build and create art using XLABS. Riley Harper explains how using XLABS has opened new doors and opportunities for her and her performances.