On April 22nd, Intrns will be hosting their second concert on top of the Champions Parking Deck. The band was brought together through social media.

Bassist Henry Donovan says: “And then on Instagram of all things I saw Declan and Travis, our drummer and guitarist, playing up here on the parking deck, and then reached out to them and asked if I could come jam with them sometime and that's sort of how the band got together.” 

While the members all come from different musical backgrounds, they share one common goal. Lead singer Travis Hall says, “I just like making music that people enjoy. It could be one person; it could be a thousand.”

The band severely missed their live audiences’ energy. Drummer Declan Leach says, “I just love playing live, it’s such a, I mean, adrenaline rush when you can do it with your friends, it’s just a really fun kind of bonding thing.” 

Due to regulations on public gathering, the band had to come up with a creative solution to perform live. Declan says, “The live on level five thing where we just have this here, we have people distanced and masked out there in the audience. Just kinda forces you to be creative and be safe but still find a way to play together and have fun.” You can see Intrns live on level five next Thursday on top of the champions parking deck and be on the lookout for their upcoming projects. The band says: “And come see our show.”

Reporting for Breeze TV, I’m Zoe Mowery.