Local boutique in Harrisonburg, New Creation, has a good cause

What started as a small shop in a Harrisonburg family’s home has grown into a non-profit organization that partners with over 60 artisan groups across the world. New Creation’s mission is to creatively counteract human trafficking with a local heart and global approach.

Founding director of New Creation, Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, states, "sometimes here in America, we don't see opportunities as a big deal because there's a lot of opportunities in our country and a lot of these developing nations that is not the case particularly with women who are vulnerable or who have come out of trafficking to actually be connected to work is a powerful thing.

And the reality is traffickers are assuming that everyday people aren't gonna get involved and new creation wants to make sure that can feel like they can do their part." Shop manager Christina Swecker shares how New Creation is a form of redemption for the community and the artisans, "if you didn't know, it used to be a pornography shop and was kind of an eyesore of the community and now this building has been redeemed and restored and so for me being in this space every single day and seeing every single product representing every single woman that has had her life redeemed that's the most impactful part of the mission here."

New Creation might be a small organization – but they are impacting lives well outside of the Harrisonburg community. Steven Andrew, co-founder of New Creation, says, "we're such a small group of people just doing what we believe we've been called to do. those small beginnings and being small doesn't mean you can't make a big change in the world. so if that's on your heart keep pressing for it."