The Grand Cavern's Rainbow Room shines colorful lights on a man-made reflection pool

The Grand Caverns in Grottes, Virginia, is not only a beautiful site but full of history. It was founded in 1806. The Grand Caverns has adapted by decorating a room called Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room was made in the 1970s to illuminate the man-made reflection pool that used to be a wishing well.

But the pennies that people would throw in corroded too fast. Multiple other rooms use colored lights, like Dante's Inferno, where they use red lights. The Grand Cavern's tour guides say that the caves are more than just rocks, but history.

Catherine Shearman says that she started to work at the Caverns because of her late grandfather. He worked there for many years and would take her while she was growing up. Catherine says that working at the Caverns has helped her with her grief.

The Grand Caverns is a historic landmark about 20 minutes from the James Madison Campus. The tour guide, Adam Nelson, says, "it's history you know we have General Stonewall Jackson in here. We have old tours back in 1806, and we have a lot of geological mysteries that we are not even sure how they formed."