In light of the transition to online classes, Breeze TV's Zach Hill sat down for an exclusive interview with James Madison University President Jonathan Alger, to discuss the "temporary transition."

Although there are many things still unknown, Alger had been viewing the return to campus with what he called "cautious optimism." But was JMU too optimistic in their return plans? How prepared was the administration for the spike of cases the university saw, which earned them national media attention? And what's going to be different by Oct. 5, when students could possibly return once again in-person?

Virginia's state budget has been forced to minimize funding to universities in response to COVID-19, and JMU has been backed against a wall. Alger recognized the financial strain that the university is already faced with, and will continue going through in the coming months if public health conditions don't start to improve. With JMU's extension of the add/drop date for classes, it could still be weeks until the university knows how enrollment numbers will directly impact its budget.

While there are still so many unknowns for higher education across the state and for JMU specifically, hopefully, there will be even more answers to the community's questions in the coming weeks.

See all of what President Alger said in the full interview.